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I recently got permission to put a tank in the main room of our house, found a great deal on a 75gal and the perfect place to put it. Now I just need to get it cycled. In the mean time I would love to figure out the stocking. This is going to be in a reasonably lit area (a good amount of indirect sunlight) and will be moderately/heavily planted.

The must-haves (unless they won't work well for whatever reason):
- Pearl Gouramis
- Cardinal Tetras (my one condition to putting it in the main area, so these are the MUST-HAVES of the must-haves)
- German Blue Rams

The wants/likes:
- Corydoras (probably False Julii's, but other species aren't out of the picture)
- Boesemans Rainbowfish
- Dwarf Gouramis (I understand these probably won't be likely)
- Upside Down Catfish (open to any species, but research says the S. Nigriventris is the best for my situation?)
- Any species you guys think would work/look well (possibly something that makes the pearls pop?)

Is it possible I could get all the above species to work? I'm most worried about the Cardinal Tetras, given there size.

I left out quantities because I know the general recommendations for each species, but I would love to hear what you guys think!


Your "must-haves" should all work together. The False Julii's high temperature range is 79 Fahrenheit or about the temperature your tank will need to be. You could make it work but sterbaI or mosaic cories would probably be better. You're right that dwarf gouramis are likely not a good idea. The boesman's are okay parameter-wise but I personally think they're a bit boisterous for many of the other fish you want. I'd suggest something like:

4 pearl gourami
2 German blue rams
15 cardinal tetras
6 sterbaI or mosaic cories
3 upside down catfish
8 melanotaenia praecox (similar to boseman's rainbowfish but a fair bit smaller)

Because of the size thing I'd either add the Upside Down Catfishes long after the cardinal tetras or maybe even skip them altogether.
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Thanks for the reply! So 79F is the recommended temperature for the tank then? What would you suggest as the stocking order? I’m assuming Cardinals should go in first since they are the smallest, and leave the GBRs and Upside Down Cats for last?

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