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  1. llfish

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    Hi there, I posted somewhat similar to this post a while back but my stock has somewhat changed and the fish I was going to get are either expensive or need a higher ph than what I have so HERE I GOES AGAIN!

    I need to stock 2 tanks my 36g and my 75g

    These are the fish I have between the 2 tanks, as you can see I could not decide on alot of my favs so mainly got one of each :

    1 koi angel
    1 rainbow shark
    1 male molly
    1 pearl gourami
    2 honey gourami
    1 male swordtail
    1 male platy
    1 apisto
    5 harlequin rasbora
    7 cardinal tetra
    6 julii corys
    5 panda corys
    3 glass cats
    5 mystery snails

    I need to separate these plus later on add some. I have a few others I am thinking of getting but unsure until I get the fish I have stocked.
    So I would like soon

    2-4 more angels
    5-8 congo tetras
    maybe more cardinals and rasboras
    clown or bristlenose pleco (not sure which)
    do I need more mollies/platys/swordtails? I dont want babies!
    do I need more pearls?
    Any other ideas.?

    Roseline sharks are out..I found some and they are $35 each ;( and I really wanted Boesmani rainbows but my ph is too low

    In my 75g for sure I will be putting the rainbow shark , and the 6 juliis in there
    In the 36g the 5 pandas for sure and apisto!

    So please help me seperate and stock!

  2. bankruptjojo

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    all the corys in here, i would not keep them with a shark.
    5 mystery snails
    3 glass catfish, should get 3 more.
    7 cardnial tetras, id get at least 5 more.
    2 honey gouramis
    1 apisto

    4 angelfish
    1 shark
    1 pearl goruami
    5 rasboars, should get least 5 more.
    1 swordtail
    1 platy
    1 molly

    im not sure if you need more mollies, platys and swordtails, idk if they really need company of there own kind or not sorry i dont have much experience with livebearers.

    i like my bristlenose pleco.. he should be able to go into either tank but id try him in the 75g first.

    id skip the congo tetras your already pretty stocked.

    again im not sure if the pearl gourami need company or not.
  3. JDcichlidlover

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    i've read and heard from gourami keepers that only honeys can be kept together. they'll rip each other apart otherwise.
    When I was stocking my 55 I was thinking about glass catfish and they're really shy, they love groups of 8 or more. they don't move very much, and as they get older they start turning a pale peach color. I would do 6 or more.
    everything I've read on cories says theres a big difference in behavior between 5 and 6. 5 they're shy, 6 they're outgoing and very friendly. so I'd say more pandas. plus pandas don't get very big, I'd probably do 8.
    with 4 angels and a shark it might get a little heated up in there.
  4. OP

    llfishWell Known MemberMember

    I was a little ify on putting the shark and the corys together right now the shark is an inch big, I did not want it but my hubby did <.< so hence the shark If all heck breaks loose I will move the corys. I read the same thing about honeys and other gouramis, so far I have one honey with the pearl to see how it goes and they are buddies so far but then again they are still juvies.

    I will definately up my glass cat school, I have had them in the past and have had such horrible luck with them I probably had spent $200 on them before. So I started with 3 in fear that they would die I have kept them alive for about 2 months YAY! so I will get about 5 more I think.

    I really like your outlines and grouping bankrupt! It was nothing like mine but yours is definately better! You are right about the congos, they are just calling me.

    For the angelfish do you think 2 would be better than 4? If I get 2...would a congo school work then? We are a little scared to put that many together. We are in fear that the 75g will have no boom of color so we were going to put a school of cardinals in there too, but I am worried it might be too "busy" in there with the school of rasboras. I will up the school of rasboras too, love the little fellas

    SO here is what I will get more of
    6 rasboras
    5 cardinals
    5 glass cats
    1-4 panda cory (there was one left at the store!)
    1-3 more angels

    Great ideas!
  5. bankruptjojo

    bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    you can do 2 angelfish if you want but im not sure about adding the congo tetras. you should prob ask someone who has them as i have never owned them.

    angelfish can eat small tetras like cardinals so keep your eye open for that when the angels are bigger.
  6. OP

    llfishWell Known MemberMember

    i have had congo tetras before in my 55, they are such great little fish, nipped occassionally, mine got to be almost 2 inches and my husband decided to do a water change using cold hard water unconditioned...and killed about 20 fish in there at the time ;( I usually use RO water that has been warmed. The fish died from either temperature or ph shock! I was so crushed..that was his last water change needless to say.

    I will proabably stick with just 2 angel fish, and either add a school of maybe 6 congos OR a couple more pearls gouramis and/or maybe a few platys and swordtails.

    I think your right about the cardinals I am guessing they will be shark bait eventually, so Ill stick with my rasboras and up the school. I am on a mission to find a beautiful angel! I have a koi about the size of a toonie I would either like a leopard or a black veil! Knowing me Ill find 3 I love and end up bringing them all home and not bothering with anything else hehe.