75g American Cichlids Tank

Discussion in 'American Cichlids' started by Ilovebarbslol, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Ilovebarbslol Well Known Member Member

    Good morning
    I'm really stuck tbh I'm not sure what I want
    And the fishes I want. Others saying I can't. And I can't upgrade to a 120G now
    American cichlids tank
    Please give me some stocking ideas please

  2. Chaory Valued Member Member

    You can try an African cichlid community tank, a pair of medium size cichlids (8-10 inches), or just do one single large cichlid as a wet pet (oscar, flowerhorn, Midas etc).

  3. Ilovebarbslol Well Known Member Member

    I'm not a fan of African cichlids
    I dislike them chasing each other
    I like American cichlids but not no Oscar lol that's 14"

  4. Chaory Valued Member Member

    A single Oscar will be okay in a 75 gallon. Not a lot of people like the way they look. I used to own a few. About just over a month ago, I got myself a flowerhorn. This guy is very personable. A lot more than an Oscar. Some people doesn't like the head growth (kok), but I think it makes them unique, plus they have awesome colorations, besides the awesome personality.

  5. Ilovebarbslol Well Known Member Member

    Yes I like it. But it's her too big lol I won't be able to have any tank mates
    I also like the hump on the flowerhead

  6. Chaory Valued Member Member

    Yeah, an adult Flowerhorn is best kept alone, since they are very aggressive etc.
  7. Chaory Valued Member Member

    What about a smaller cichlid community tank. Like firemouth, convict etc, with dithers like giants danios, and bottom dwellers like cory cats? I personally probably won't do the convict or convicts, since a pair will breed like crazy, and they get pretty aggressive.
  8. Ilovebarbslol Well Known Member Member

    Thanks chaory.
  9. Chaory Valued Member Member

    You're welcome
  10. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    what are you wanting that people say you can't have?
  11. Ilovebarbslol Well Known Member Member

    What's up my guy
    Other American cichlids

    Geo sunnamensis
    Geo braziliensis
    Geo steindachneri
    Geo balzani
    Geo pellegrini
    These are the geo that are stock at my lfs
    Would you know anything about them bro
  12. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    75's don't leave a lot of room for geos and other fish. Geos need to be in groups and pretty much stock a tank. I'd also want to make sure to stick with one of the smaller geos. What is in the 75 now?

    Balzani are from uruguay and require cooler water than most geos. But they are the only gymnogeos that do ok without a wintering period. Still I would want to keep their temp in the low 70's if you were going to do a constant temp. 70-71. Unfortunately that's just too cold for many other cichlids. I would think a group of 4-5 in a 75 would look really nice with maybe some buenos aires tetra and peppered corydora. But if you have a threadfin acara i probably wouldn't mix them with these guys as they require warmer water.

    Braziliensis gets pretty aggressive and large so I wouldn't do a group of those. Steindachneri stay small and would fit nicely in a 75 but are more aggressive.

    If it were me and I wanted geos in a 75 I'd do a group of balzani (assuming you can provide the cooler temperature they require year around) and a tank like i suggested above. I think they are a very underrated fish. If not those then I'd go for a trio of red head tapajos and perhaps a pair of smaller cichlids like rainbows or sajicas. That may be a bit overstocked so you might have to have a backup plan if it didn't work. Another small geo (if you can find them) would be the parnaibae geos. You could also consider a group (4-5 perhaps) of one of the satonoperca geo species.

    I wouldn't do severums in a 75 with geos. Not enough room.
  13. Granamyr Valued Member Member

    You could do a group of steindachneri in a 75 gallon they don't get as big as the others. the Balzanii would be fine as well but would require cooler water like tyguy mentioned.

    I would agree the others on that list get too big for a 75 gallon to have a proper set up.

    You could do rams or apistogrammas in that tank as well
  14. Ilovebarbslol Well Known Member Member

    Thanks a lot bro. I really want some redhead geos
    So I'll get 3 for now
    You really don't think. I can do one rokteil in with my geos
    They got about 6 inches
  15. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    I wouldn't do a rotkiel with tapajos in a 75. Would work for a while but eventually I think the tank would be overstocked.

    If you want a rotkiel, I'd consider a smaller geo like fish like a shoal of guinacaras or biotodomas. Or even a shoal of bolivian rams (mikrogeophagus) for a 75.
  16. Ilovebarbslol Well Known Member Member

    Overstock. What if I do WC every week lol I really want my geophagus redhead tapajos but I also want more than 3 variety
    But nah I'm good bro. I don't want no rams.
    I'll just get a gang of geos
  17. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    Water changes won't increase the number of fish you can keep in a tank. It's overstocked from the perspective you'll have 3 large fish in a 75 gallon with a very large fish in the severum. Too much territorial fish in that tank.
  18. Ilovebarbslol Well Known Member Member

    Ok thanks
    I may have to re consider on my stocking
    I agree. The severum looks much bigger than the geos
  19. vikingkirken Well Known Member Member

    I don't know enough to be sure, but what about an angelfish or festivum with red head tapajos? They're both mid/top-dwelling cichlids, and not as big as severum...
  20. Ilovebarbslol Well Known Member Member

    That would be nice but I think it's going to "overstock"