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0B809F77-2E10-4DA3-8099-5F1774DED231.jpeg Hello this is an introduction to my main tank, the 75 gal. I have it on a custom stand i built with the frame being made of acx plywood and then wrapped with solid red oak. Then stained black to match the trim.

The stands built to hold the fluval fx4 on the side that filters my aquarium(I didnt have room underneath). The intake has a large intake sponge from aquarium coop which works perfectly.

On the inside of the tank i have a textured 3d universal rocks background. For the substrate i have black beauty medium 12/40 black sandblasting sand from amazon that i really like. Theres 2 large fluval mopani driftwood and 3 small hamiledyi driftwoods all from amazon. I originally had 2 ceramic pieces inside the tank that I’ve made, a big square house and a small little cave thing for my fish, but i removed the big one because it caused to many dead-spots in the tank and didn’t look good but i kept the cave on the darker side of my tank for the fish. This is one of the first looks


I have a custom basking platform for my turtle that i had originally ordered off amazon, then I did some diy and spray painted the pvc from white to black to match the trim, sand and stand. I did more diy in making a top for the basking platform so my lights could rest on a screen and have it be flush and closed in with the acrylic glass that it has squared around, also stained black. It also came with a nice grey stone slab that absorbs heat for my turtle to bask on. Ran by a dual dome fixture with uva and uvb, which is on a zoo med timer from 8-8 for 12 on 12 off.


For the live plants theres java fern, hornwort, amazon sword and one moss ball. I don’t use any diffusers but i do fertilize my plants with liquid fertilizer from aquarium coop and api leaf zone, but all the turtle and fish waste help feed the plants as well. The plants get decent lighting i have a 24inch beamworks full spectrum led light off amazon. My Hornwort is starting to spread like crazy and my java ferns are propagating like crazy too, soon adding java moss as well.

My turtle is a male northern map and he’s a year and half old doing great, he’s not going to be getting much bigger maxing out around 5.5inches and he’s probably 3.5-4” currently and he gets along with the fish perfectly.
In which I have 6 corydoras in my tank including
-1 green/emerald female
-1 green/emerald male
- 1 albino male I’m 80% sure of lol
-1 threestripe male
-2 juvenile panda corys besides the adults still unsure of sex
I also have 1 young chocolate bristlenose pleco and 1 blue male betta
Theres probably 5 or more Malaysian trumpet snails and about 5 or so young mystery snails that I’ve breed and are too big for my turtle to eat.
My female corydora breeds and spawns like crazy so I’ve purchased a large marina breeder box and a pond pump to run in order to store the eggs and hatch/raise the fry.. Ive had lots of success with hatching the fry its just them surviving which has been the problem. Mainly because of too much flow from the pump and not enough cover that the fish would get caught in the fry gate and not make it. So I’ve now bought a finnex stingray full spectrum clip on led to hopefully grow java moss (that I've ordered) inside the box to give the fry enough cover for a better survival rate, but for now i have some Hornwort to go against algae.


Lemme know whatcha think, I might’ve did this wrong lol


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