75 Gallon Tank

  1. SixThreeOh

    SixThreeOh Valued Member Member

    Been up and running for a few months now. Current stock is 9 Silver Dollars, 1 Red Tail Shark, 1 Rainbow Shark, 8 Mystery Snails, and 4 Black Devil Spike Snails. 8 Marimo Moss Balls are the only plants. Driftwood is all Mopani, 5 pieces overall.

    Still solid silver. A few are starting to get orange spots.
    This was meant to be a picture of the Rainbow, but he got chased off.
    He's mad he got ran out of his cave.
    Really active snails.
  2. Gollum127

    Gollum127 New Member Member

    Looks great! I love your stocking, quite similar to mine. I'm a big fan of Silver Dollars, and the Black Red Tail / Rainbow Sharks. I have a trio of Spotted Red Fin Silver Dollars, (2) Blue Gouramis, and (2) Bala Sharks (temporarily) in my 75. Then I've got a Gold Angel, Rainbow Shark, Black Fantail Tetra, (2) Albino Cherry Barbs, a Teal Green Tiger Barb and an okay number of Ramshorn Snails.
  3. OP

    SixThreeOh Valued Member Member

    Trimmed some plants in my 20 long today. Great Cambomba in one corner and anacharis in the other. Let's see how long it lasts. My sharks are really enjoying the plants so far. Worried about the snails uprooting them though because once they hit the surface the silver dollars will go crazy.
    1FPSetB.jpg m3i1IYG.jpg