75 Gallon Tank Setup

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    I recently found a 1 year old 75 Gallon tank and canister filter for 75 dollars it was too good of an offer to pass on since this filter new costs up to 150 easily. I have cleaned all the parts well and replaced the filter medium etc. I am looking to set it up taking my time over the next few weeks. it will be a planted tank with several varieties of fish... most notably a Delhezi Bichir, and an African Butterfly Fish with other Fish yet to be determined to fill in the middle of the column (please let me know any recommendations) With that being said I know that other fish might get eaten by the 2 mentioned above and that is ok with me, Nature at work. This post is mostly about the physical setup, I am wondering if there is a brand of stand anyone recommends to support the weight well, as well as what type of substrate you use for planted aquariums. also if there are any plants u specifically recommend. open to plants that emerge from the water and that stay submerged. Thank you in advance!!!
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    Delhezi's are on my list for one of these days so I'm happy you are able to get one. Make sure the top is very secured with absolutely no openings. Both of these fish are notorious jumpers and when the bichir gets large enough they will actually be able to bump lids hard enough to move them. My suggestion would be to get glass lids (versa tops are great) and use black duct tape around the backs and filter intakes/outtakes to make sure there is no way they can get out. If you can stick your pinky finger in, they can get out.

    As far as a stand goes, you can go to a pet store and buy any that are marketed for 75 gallons and they should hold the weight well. The craftmanship usually leaves something to be desired but as for functionality it should be fine. Alternatively you can build your own for a fraction of what one in the store would cost and it would probably look and function much better.

    As for fish to go along with your bichirs I would suggest some congo tetras. THey are large and fast enough to probably not get eaten by either fish. Also the bichir isn't that great of a hunter so you'll have little to worry about.

    For substrate I would definitely do sand instead of gravel. Gravels are easier for plants but your bichirs will prefer sand. I like economical choices so pool filter sand (beige) or black blasting abrasives (black) are popular options for fish tanks and usually range from 5-8 bucks for 50 lbs. Two bags should be more than enough. If you want to spend more money for aquarium specific sand though you definitely can. I would suggest doing some root tabs though for your sand under your plants. THat will keep them fed in a sandy substrate.
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    I was also considering having different substrates in some areas ranging from Sandy to pebbles, to rocks. sort of a visual choice but could also come in handy if I decided to get something that might need to hide in the larger rocks and pebbles from the other fish from time to time... like shrimp.
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    if you do shrimp, the bichirs would probably be able to eat them. So I wouldn't spend a ton of money on shrimp as I doubt they will last. I know you aren't opposed to your fish eating their cohabitants but I wouldn't lay down major bucks on some of those fancy shrimp

    The visual look is a good idea but just know that bichirs will probably mix it up. So it will be a constant battle keeping the sand out of the gravel.
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    well i would keep a base of sand then fade it into the larger stones so it would be already mixed somewhat.... it would look natural... ill make sure i take pics when i get it up
    Any ideas for fish that will fill in the lower to the upper areas on the center of the column... the Bichir is coving the ground and the butterfly fish the very top but there is a LOT of space lol
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    Yeah...I'd fill the middle in with some congos. Maybe some mild mannered cichlids as well. Though you'd have to do some research to see what is compatible with the butterfly