75 gallon tank filter?

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by bryce1217, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. bryce1217Valued MemberMember

    What do you guys think would be best for a 75 gallon filter wise? if I upgrade tanks I may go with a canister filter or a sump but I will have 2 fifty gallon hang on back filters left over. I don't really know what would be best. Thanks in advance!

  2. TKDennisonValued MemberMember

    I personally have a sunsun 303a on my 75. Love the ease of use. The price didn't deter me either!

    I also ordered a sponge filter today rated for 65g... as extra biological filtration.

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  3. Marie1Well Known MemberMember

  4. dakotaValued MemberMember

    On my 72 gallon bow front I use an Eheim 2075 filter. Its more than the tank needs but I always over filter every tank I have ever had over the years. It never hurts to over filter and keep the water clean and plenty of flow. It is rated at 330GPH. Thanks
  5. AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

    I use a Aqua Clear 110 on my 60 gallon tank. It gets the job done very well. It's rated for 550 GPH

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  6. Paul1792Valued MemberMember

    Although an AC110 is probably the cheapest route, I'd suggest two filters on a tank that big to avoid dead spots and to act as a backup in case one filter failed.

    When it comes to good value, I'd suggest a SunSun canister and a Fluval C4.

    This SunSun is a real bargain were it not for the shipping cost:


    and I have three Fluval C's and swear by them. I have one AquaClear and it does not come close to a comparable fluval C series when it comes to filtration.
  7. cichlidmanWell Known MemberMember

  8. AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

    Wow, those are pretty good filters and have a good price. I should get me one of those for a little extra filtration . I got my tank off of someone and it included the AC 110 so I haven't really invested into buying a filter. But now since I saw this canister filter I'm thinking of buying it. Thanks for the links

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  9. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning,

    Some great suggestions by others above. I do not think you would go wrong by choosing any of them, however, I feel the sumps and Wet/Dry is superior to them all, granted I have not tried all of the filters mentioned. Space and budget permitting, check out the Eshopps Wet/Dry in the link below, powered by a Mag Drive pump:


    Pump not included with the Eshops set up!


    For hang on back (hob) type filtration it is recommended to have 8 to 10 x the tank volume for the water turn over or the gallons per hour (gph).

    For canister filtration it is recommended to have 5 to 8 x the tank volume for the gph.

    Wet/Dry and Sumps, do not fall into the categories above. I suggest going with what the system is set up for, for the size tank that you have. The link above is for tanks 75 to 100 gallons and 400gph maxiumum flow rate, and a mag drive pump with 350gph will do wonders for your aquarium. These are a bit more detailed setting them up compared to other types of filtration but well worth the $. The pump cannot be stronger than the overflow box (flow rate) can handle or you may have a flood! :)

  10. bryce1217Valued MemberMember

    All your suggestions are greatly appreciated!!! I do like to over filter my tanks too. I don't have the money or the space for a wet dry filter but my new job starts in 2 weeks! Yay! I haven't got the aquarium yet, im in negotiations with a few dudes for a cheap tank on craigs list lol Thanks for your suggestions!
  11. bryce1217Valued MemberMember

  12. TammylbNew MemberMember

    I have never used a canister. I just purchased a 75 gallon and will be seen on both sides , only the ends will be closed . We are putting it in the wall. For you people that are using the sun canister, is it easy to set up and use?

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