75 gallon stocking: too much?

K4sie said:
10 corydoras
1 blue gourami
4 angelfish
10 mollies
6 bolivian rams*
2 bristlenose pleco
12 tiger barbs*
1 pink gourami*

I put the little star next to species I'm unsure about compatability wise lol.
IMO, I don't think that would work very well for two reasons. 1) That is just too many fish and not enough space for all of them 2) not all of those fish would get along really well.
My usual format for thinking up tank stocking goes as follows:
  1. Decide if I want to keep a single fish or a community tank (in this case it looks like you want a community so I'll only go through my steps for community tank stocking)
  2. Figure out from a list like your's above which fish I really want and which I could pass on
  3. From there, I like to choose:
    • 1 Centerpiece fish (could be a pair or trio; usually top or midwater fish)
    • 1-2 midwater schooling fish (depending on tank size and how large schools you will keep)
    • 1+ bottom-dwelling fish (can be a schooling fish or a solitary fish)
    • Clean up crew (in a community, normally this is snails since shrimp are often eaten in communities)
Keep in mind that this is a rough outline and the final stocking should always be base on a number of factors such as the fish's size and compatibility with the other fish in the tank.
Here is an example stocking (you can use it if you like it) using the fish that are on your list.
  • 15 Furcata rainbowfish
  • 2 Bolivian Rams (1 m/f pair)
  • 15 Rummy-nose tetras
  • 15 Corys (any species of your choosing, but I like Bronze corys and Bandit corys)
  • 1 BN pleco (wouldn't want to risk 2 male BNs fighting) or a pleco of similar size
  • ~5-10 Nerite snails
Hope this helps!
  • Four angelfish in the same tank might work, especially if there are plenty of tall plants to block line of sight, but if two pair off it could also turn into a bloodbath.
  • Personally I wouldn't mix angelfish and gouramis, and I definitely wouldn't mix gourami species.

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