75 gallon reef tank update

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Thank You claireputput and 1971roadrunner. I got some pics of the Copperband and caught a few other shots I thought were pretty good too just messing with the camera on my phone. LoL

He loves the camera such a show off LoL






And the random pics I got today








Claire Bear
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Outstanding! Love the mandarin and CBB! You really have some awesome shots there! Your tank is really looking great!

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Ok so I am at a loss for words last night the CBB didn't make it through the night. I have no clue what happened. About 10 minutes after the light went off for the night he flew across the top of the tank kinda like half out of water like he was going to jump hit the far end wall of the tank bounced off and barrel rolled across the bottom of the tank. I got him moved into a breeder box where he stayed on his side and after about 20 minutes died. I have no clue what caused this. I checked all the tank levels before and after this happened and they were the same as always no flux in anything that I can tell. So yeah what a night.
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Sorry about the loss. This is the second time something like this has happened? Do you have an anemone that may be stinging these fish?
Claire Bear
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So sad! I am with 1971roadrunner, it sounds like an animal may be attacking certain fish. Do CBB sleep on the tank bed or in the rocks? Could be a critter is going after them after lights out!
This bites!
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Not that I've ever seen claireputput . Mine never stop moving-ever! They need to be fed often because of this and can lose weight fast 'cause they can't carry much fat according to my research. krazyone2006 they are know to jump which explains why he appeared to come out of the water, maybe he was injured?


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I have 3 Nems in the tank a MinI Carpet, Purple Condy and a Rose BTA the one clown host the BTA and Condy he other clown host the Frogspawn. Neither clown bothers any other fish that I have witnessed. The Nems get two big pieces of raw shrimp each 3x a week and don't seem to bother any fish/inverts. I know the open brain ate a peppermint shrimp the other day only because when the antics turned on half the peppermints head and antenia were still sticking out the Open Brains mouth. LoL

The Coral Banded Shrimp don't bother anyone except to pick parasites ect. off the fish that I have seen.

All the Corals are open and out full force the other fish are all out swimming and eating it was just crazy.

On another note while I was out today stopped at a new LFS to check them out and they had a product called Zap-Tasia for apstatia so I grabbed it and will be giving it a try and will let everyone know what the results if it works or not or if you have ever tried it let me know if it worked for you.
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I thought you knew about the spot kill products, it's what most use as there is another product called aiptasia-x which is what everyone I know uses and works VERY well. Yours should work too but heres the one I know

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I tried the joe's juice, apstasia-x, vinager and boiling water methods and none worked. This was the first time I had seen the Zap-Tasia and it was only $15 and the store employee said it worked so I figured what the hey I'd try it since the CBB didn't work.
Claire Bear
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I have a question, why are you not getting any berghia nudibranches?


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because my shrimps will eat them. LoL and cheapest I could find them was like $20 each plus shipping LoL
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That's odd. If this product doesn't work either, the only option would be the B. nudi's since aiptasia is all they eat. I know my CBB constantly is moving all over the place and maybe in a 75 gallon with a lot of nem's yours got tangled up in one? The CBB's I had were Australian, feeding very well at the LFS and begging in front of the tank when approached and mid-sized (not small). My first one was rotated around my LFS's tanks to specifically eat aiptasia though my newer one does too. I never used any products to get rid of them 'cause in my case I want them some, though when I have one get too large where the CBB can't get at them I just destroy it but it's rare. keep us posted.

*you almost have 1000 hits on this thread-cool
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Ok I have officially used one full tube covering every Apstasia in sight and that I can reach. Unlike all the other methods I tried the Apstasias actually look to be turning white and disintegrating so fingers crossed.

Wow didn't realize it had that many hits I feel famous. LoL
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Watching; House of 1000 Corpses and thought of your reef tank ! I joke.

* "don't 'ya like clowns? Don't we make 'ya laugh?


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Yeah Yeah Yeah LoL Did you say send Twisty the Clown to come see you 1971roadrunner LoL
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What happened with the aiptasia ???

* oh please, even my 15yr. old niece who was here earlier agrees that captain spaulding is WAY cooler than twisty!!!
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Ok as of before lights off last night the smaller apstaia were stil melted and not back out but some of the bigger ones had came back out so this afternoon I am going to hit them again.

I want to do some water test first because even though the package says it will not mess with water paramaters I tested the water before feeding and lights out last night and everything was normal except my pH was raised a bit from 8 to about 8.2 so I wanna see if it levels back out before I have another go.

1971roadrunner Captain Spaulding is KewL I'm just a HUGE and I mean HUGE American Horror Story fan. If you haven't seen the show you should check it out. LoL
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Yup, you know what to do and I'm sure the PH will be OK due to small fluctuations happen normally from day to night some etc... as you know. Aipasia is like Freshwater newbies going through their first Ich outbreak 'kinda (right of passage) and something that takes diligence but ultimately something that comes with the territory to some degree. I read something I never knew in that burning (using boiling water or what) can cause toxic fumes to be produced and cause harm to the keeper inhaling it, hmmm...never knew that!?!? Keep us posted on what works for you, ttyl.

* I don't watch TV much and not shows (except Seinfeld with whom I even look like) but I'll give your show a watch and PM you on what I think of this new demonic clown !


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Yeah I knew it was going to cause levels to fluxuate even though the package says it don't. From looking in the tank I would say it took out about 60-70% of them out just the bigger ones are left really and like I said going to have another go at them today.

Twisty is a character from the current 4th season so you won't see him in the first 3 seasons. Just know the show isn't like normal shows too each season it's in a different setting but 99% of the same people/cast carry over into each season. I hope you like it and let me know when you get to Twisty and what you think of him.

1971roadrunner claireputput Ok it's been a minute since I have done a update on the reef. Heres a video of the tank I made on the 15th been a lot of growth and my BTA split into 3 today.

75G Mixed Reef update:

I will try to make a new video this week after my l.e.ds get here which should be monday by end of day according to tracking.

Heres some recent pics to of the tank and inhabitants

More pics lol


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Claire Bear
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krazyone2006, your tank is stunning! Simply gorgeous! It is really taking off! I love all the variety and the brilliant colors!
Claire Bear
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Seahorse pictures (Spunky is the yellow)

seahorse.january18.2015pic2.jpg krazyone2006 here are individual pictures!
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Great looking aquarium. Always like seahorses. Keep up the great work


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claireputput those are awesome I was actually thinking of maybe getting a couple for the frag tank I am about to setup. I'm looking into having a 4-5 ft long by 2 ft wide by 10-12 inches tall Frag Tank made at the moment. So I might just have to try my hand at them. LoL
Claire Bear
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LOL! you should do it krazyone2006. I am not sure that is deep enough-you would need to check that but that would be sooooo cool! I would love a frag tank!
Thank you zaraspook! I am trying to take very good care of my tiny friends!
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I'm still new to saltwater tanks and I am just gushing over your crazy cool coral. I'm getting my first shipment of coral frags in soon. Good luck and best of luck!


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