75 Gallon Mbuna Filter?

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    Ok, so soon I'll be setting up a 75-gallon Mbuna tank. It'll probably house about 15 cichlids at the most, reaching 4"-6" (Acei, Msobo Deep, etc.) I'm trying to figure out what the best filtration would be. Would a single Aquaclear 110 be enough? If not, how much more GPH would I need? Any filters you would recommend pairing with an Aquaclear 110 to finish the job? Thanks.

    EDIT: My LFS recommends Eheim 350 (2215) for a canister. Could I get away with this?
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    Bumping this up for you
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    Ok how about a Fluval FX6? Heard it's a great filter. Kind of jumping back and forth between filters but I keep looking at this one.