75 Gallon Masterpiece

  1. fishfreak2009 Member Member

    So, my birthday was on Friday, and I got a bunch of fish. For my 180 gallon I got 2 big fancy goldfish (a calico ryukin and an oranda). For my 75 gallon I purchased 3 Large Angelfish, 3 Black Banded Rainbowfish, 12 Tiger Barbs, 12 Platies, a powder blue dwarf gourami, and 6 Swordtails. So excited. They all get along great!:;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman
  2. rezis Initiate Member

    nice! Heppy b-late bday!
  3. iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    Sounds like fun. Glad everyone is getting along. Don't forget pictures. :)
  4. fishfreak2009 Member Member

    i'll try to get pics. Just need to borrow mom's nikon.:;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman :;banaman
  5. fishfreak2009 Member Member

    can't figure out how to post pics on here. When I hit upload, it freezes and does not load.
  6. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello FishFreak. I posted how to post photos in your "Some of my pets" thread.
  7. fishfreak2009 Member Member

  8. Shadowbeam Member Member

    Happy birthday :D What a fantastic present too :p
    Can't wait to see pics
  9. fishfreak2009 Member Member

    for pics go to my thread Some of my pets :)
  10. redlessi Well Known Member Member

    link is not working...........
  11. fishfreak2009 Member Member

    It isn't a link, just the name of the thread. If a mod could make it one that would be very nice though.