75 gallon looking a lot better!!

  1. Stangguy93 Initiate Member

    This has been taking up my life for the past month. I stripped all the old varnish, did a lot of sanding and applied new stain and varnish!

    I was finally able to put it together tonight! The sump and canister are all plumbed in and ready for some fish! I would love some comments on what plants I should tie to that piece of drift wood. I want plants that need more light toward the top and plants with less light needs on the bottom. I'm planning on putting discus in here so I'm doing a bare bottom so all plants must be tied to the drift wood. Thanks!

    The first picture is the tank when I first purchased it. What a change![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Plecomaker Well Known Member Member

    Wow looks great!

    before we throw out ideas, what kinda look are you going for?
    any moss would be pretty easy.
    Of course, you dont have to tie evrything down, you could look at floating plants if you like.
  3. Stangguy93 Initiate Member


    I would love to keep majority of the plants on the log since I can't have a planted tank.... Never been super excited about floating plants but I could by convinced if the looked really nice!
  4. Stangguy93 Initiate Member

    Alright I have had the tank up and running for a week. This is just a trial run to make sure all the plumbing holds and to smooth out all the kinks.

    Well I have a kink and I need some help smoothing it out. My bulk head is loud. I am going to be moving into an apartment in July and I'd like it to run quieter. Check out my videos and tell me how to limit the amount of air being slurped into my bulkhead or at least how to quiet it down. Thanks!https://vimeo.com/172497736https://vimeo.com/172497875
  5. Stangguy93 Initiate Member

    Anyone have any ideas? I would really appreciate the help.