75 gallon heater recommendations (size & brand)


I am getting closer to setting up my 75 gallon office aquarium. I hope to complete the DIY stand over Thanksgiving weekend and then can get it in place and start setting it up to cycle.

The office gets into the low 60's (F) over the weekends during the winter. I plan to go with 2 heaters but I'm unsure how big they should be. I have read between 300w total up to 600w total. I don't' mind spending a bit more to ensure the fish stay warm enough in the winter and reliability. I plan to get one of the inkbird controllers for them.

Would 2 300w heaters be overkill? What do you all recommend?


200w -300w should be fine. I use a 200w Ehiem - Jager on a 65 gal. & a 300w EJ in a 120 gal. No problems.


I 2nd the eheim Jager, they are currently on sale at petsmart for $26 for the 300w, usually $43.

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