75 Gallon Bow Front, Holes Drilled On Bottom, Sticker Says Bottom Is Tempered Glass

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Hello All,

I'm hoping to get some insight and opinions on a used 75 gallon bow front tank I bought for 160$. It has holesbdrilled into the bottom which I wanted because I want to setup a sump refegium for this tank. However, when I cleared the left over substrate from the bottom I saw a sticker that said the bottom was tempered glass and should not be drilled. I was under the impression that tempered glass would sharesh upon any attempt to drill it, do I wonder if this sticker is just wrong or maybe a joke. However, I don't want a compromised 75 gallon tank in my living room. It seems that the fact that there are holes in it means that it is not in fact tempered glass. I was planning on filling it and letting it sit for a week or two in my garage to test for leaks. If it passes should I use it? Sale it? Try to return it to the guy on Craigslist?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.



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If it’s already drilled and the bottom didn’t shatter I’d say do a leak test and if it doesn’t leak you should be good to go.

You can test to see if glass is tempered. You can look at the glass with polarized sunglasses and if it looks blotchy like the rear glass of a car out in the sun light then it’s tempered.
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