75 Gal Stocking Ideas


Hey folks.... finally got my 75 gal cycled. I would love to hear some stocking ideas.... thank you in advance.


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I have that exact same tank and am just setting mine up too! I fell in love with the looks of electric blue acaras and pearl gourami. There's a lot of options with this size setup. Is there anything you've been drawn to? African cichlids, angels, maybe discus, huge swarm of nano schooling fish, legion of corydoras, an oscar, a breeding project, rainbow fish, fast slim bodied goldfish with danios? Are you wanting colorful, oddball, schooling, or personality?

I really like looking up potential fish on YouTube so I can see how they move, behave, and act. I find many store website photos about as accurate/representative as online dating profiles.
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Well I was dead set on an African Cichlid because of the beautiful colors and the active nature of them. But at the same time, I’d love some smaller schooling groups.
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