75 gal stock ideas.

  1. frampy Well Known Member Member

    I just got a 75 gal tank yesterday now what should I put in it. I have around 12 Corys that will go in along with a bn pleco. Other then that its open. What would you get? It will be planted.
  2. Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    What are your typical water parameters? I like to base new stock off of whatever the stable ph/temp in my tank is. Which means I only ever consider south american tropicals (acidic, warm water)... :)

  3. frampy Well Known Member Member

    My pH is around 7.5 out of the tap. I run co2 so pH drops some plus driftwood I usually get down to about 7. I keep SA/CA cichlids with no problems. I have a couple types of apistogrammas, angel fish, a few types of severums, a green terror, and a JD. I have bettas m/f, guppies, platties, Molly's, couple of types of tetras, silver dollars, corys, plecos and a couple types of rasboras. If that helps some.
  4. Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    Personally, I love seeing really large schools of tetras. If you could put 20+ of something large enough to not be picked off by any angels/apistos/etc, that would be my first choice.

  5. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    I also like large shoals of fish over large centerpiece fish. I like all the activity and natural behavior that goes along with a large, proper shoal, and it also makes for a peaceful tank if everyone is around the same size and temperament.