75 G


A picture of the 75 G and a few of the residents.
Then the puppies(better known as Clown Loaches)
The Rhino Pleco
Koi angel mother and Sunset Blusher son
Green and black neons


Oh my God! Butterfly I love your wood and angelfish in the tank! Wonderful. What kind of wood is this? This is exactly the type of wood that I am looking for - colorwise and shapewise, just perfect. Where did you get it? Is it real? And the angelfish - are they the marble type? Your tank is so beautiful. Now I am jealous! LOL


You should enter your tank in a competition looks wild. Great fish as well


Butterfly, your tank looks great as always!


Thanks everyone!! The stump, cavey thing on the right(the blue thing) is plastic and has followed the clown loaches and Rhino pleco from every tank they've been in. They just seem to like it. The wood on the left is real and was bought in a fish store by my daughter. The Rhino pleco has sculpted it by rasping on it so it has some nice textured spots will take some pics later and show you what I mean. The rock in the middle as well as the rocks for the caves under the Java Moss on the left was picked up while hiking. .
Isabella the orange, black and white angel is a koi angel, the other is her son and he is considered a sunset blusher even though he carries the genes for koi. The other angel in the bottom of one of the pics is another one of her sons and is a koi angel. Thanks again.


Butterfly, you probably live in England or Australia, right? That is unfortunate, because if you lived in the U.S. and bought this wood somewhere around New York (where I live), I'd go to the exact same store where you bought that wood piece and I'd buy the same one! My local pet store (Petland) has ugly pieces of wood. Whenever I go there, they don't have anything worth buying there. You're lucky


Wow! Very nice!!


Thank you everyone :-* You make me blush
Isabella I live in the Southern USA. this piece of wood has a history. My daughter bought it and then her small clown loach got stuck in a hole on the back side and she yanked it out(the wood). Thinking my clowns were too big to get in that hole I put it in my tank. Lo and behold one night real late my husband came home and found me on the floor with the wood in the floor and I was attacking it with a screw driver and a hammer. My big clown was stuck!!! :-\ After he quit laughing we got him(the clown) out safely and that's his pic above. Clowns love squeezing to tight places. So you can see I'm attached to that particular piece of wood
Just keep looking and something will strike you.


This is my 20G long unheated tank. I want to show you the wood. every time I look at it I think of that long necked dinosaur that I can never remember the name for :


LOL Butterfly!


ur tanks look class!!!!!!!!!!!!! they really r wild lookin!!! good stuff


Thanks craig, I like doing things a little different sometimes. I move things around until I like the way it looks.
Isabella I have one more piece of wood I want to show you. This is a tree root I found. Makes me think of a monster roaring ;D


Ah ... Butterfly! You're doing it on purpose! Stop showing me these beautiful pictures! You know I can't find a piece of wood like this and your pictures just keep reminding me of my miserable seach, lol. But I won't give up easily Will look until I find something nice.

In one of your posts I have read that a 29 gallon tank with heater, filter, and light is available at Wal-Mart for only $100. That is an unbelievable deal. It makes me angry to think that I actually paid almost twice the price for a 30 gallon tank with hood and light, filter, and heater. I bought mine at Petland. This is the only pet store near me and I live in New York City - shame, isn't it? Big city and not even a good pet store around. I've never even been to Wal-Mart - do they have some sort of a pet store department there? Do they have fish and aquarium accessories? Do they sell at least average quality tank equipment? And most importantly, do they sell any nice driftwood pieces?! Going back to that 29 gallon tank for $100 - what filter, heater, and light come with it? Mine has AquaClear filter for 30 to 70 gallon tank. The light I don't even know what brand it is; all I know is that it's a standard light. And the heater's brand I also forgot but it looks like a cheap heater and I am surprised it didn't break yet. It's not submersible.

And since I am already making this post this loooooooong, lol, I'll ask one more question. What bulb is best for low-light plants in a 30 gallon tank? How strong should it be? Is standard lighting sufficient? And quite frankly, I am getting sick of this blue shade that my light has. Is there a bulb that has a natural, sunny glow (no blue, red, or green shades, lol - just plain sunny glow)? And one that would also be good for plants?

Thanks for reading this!


hello 2u butterfly,I like the mood and envoriment you have created especially with the live plants.The driftwood is a great feature a very harmonies tank good on you.Love your anglefish.Can your angle's be brought and where there beautiful you should be so proud to have breed such amazing fish.


T hank you for your nice compliments tootie.
Isabella Wal-marts is a huge chain store and since they buy things in such huge quanities their prices for aquatic supplies is very reasonable. It's not generally a good place to buy fish simply because their staff is not usually trained to take good care of their fish. I have bought fish there and ALWAYS, ALWAYS quarantine them before adding them to tanks with other fish. They don't really have a lot of wood but have a few pieces of fake wood that is nice. Right now I'm eyeing a piece at petco that I really want bad, don't know where I would put it but I WANT IT I also have 2 pieces outside I need to clean up and prepare for a tank.
Although I would like a little more lighting over the 75 G in general I have standard lighting over my other tanks and the low light plants do fine. Thank you for asking. As you can see when you get me started about fish, tanks, wood or anything in that area I don't know when to shut up. ;D


Walmart is a great place to get fish supplies but not fish. I got an awesome 10 gallon kit (tank, heater, light, hood, water treatment, food, net, filter, and lots more) for only $50! 49.97 to be exact

And beeeeeautiful tank(s) Butterfly! The plants and wood make them so pretty!


Nice Tanks!  Now I want a 75 gallon!  Great job!


Thank You very much ;D I actually just finished re-doing the 75 G.


That tank looks really great


Thank you, the clown loaches needed more cave space so I built some more.

Miss Mouse

*sigh* what lovelytanks! The plants, again, look great as well as the whole layout. It's such an art getting it tyo look balanced.. I'm not very good at that! I might get boyfriend to do it for me heehee ;D


Thanks!! You cannot imagine how much time I spent wet to the shoulders to get it to look that way.


Hay there butterfly my favorite piece of wood is the tree root I have axcess 2 wood like this its just a matter of time b4 I find it so exciting looking your Koi are magnifant I would expect nothing less than truley amazing from u butterfly your daughter seems 2b as clever as you are with your tank building skills good on ya I wished I lived closer 2u so as I could come see you all and all your tanks how many tanks do u have?I so hope u got my photos of my tank its not quite like I would like it 2b yet am still working on that its going really well except 4 Shawn has gone and put 4rainbow sharks in 2 my tank not happy I'm not a sharks person thay are to quick and to aggressive 4 my likings still I have another tank 2 put my large angle in2 and where oh where will I be able 2buy a Koi angle from I'm gonna have 2 look around now a truley beautiful looking fish indeed.Will sign off 4 now eager 2 hopefully hear back from you soon.Regards from Tootie.


Great MOLLY MAGGEE!  It is BEAUTIFUL!  The fish look so happy in there.  If I lived closer I would come over to see all your tanks.  I'll bet they are a lovely sight to see.


Rose   ;D


I truely LOVE your tank it is as close to natural habitat as it can get. LOve it Love it love it. Wait did I forget to say that I love it...LOL ;D


Thank You all. I really enjoy my tanks. the are all around the room. Sometimes I just take a book in and sit and relax with them, then the fish start begging for food and doing all kinds of cute things so I wind up just looking at them


I understand that I have my 55 in my living room and I can sit there forever just looking at the tank with the t.v. on and everything.that is a beautiful tank by the way. 8)


I was looking at your tank so that I could be inspired for decor, Butterfly. I just ended up staring, slackjawed. lol I have too many questions...I guess they all add up to one: How did you do it?

Specifically, I'm a little wary of using live plants because I read everywhere that plecos just uproot them. I'm ready, pencil poised. ;D


If you look at the tank the left half has a different type of plants. My two Clown Loaches are about six inches long and have claimed the left side set of caves. Just about anything rooted I put on their side of the tank winds up floating. so I attached the majority of plants on that side to the driftwood and rocks(Java fern, various Anubias)
On the right side of the tank has rooted plants and even though the Clowns swim there also they aren't as destructive on that side of the tank. Now my rhino pleco lives in the caves on he right side, but he likes laying on top of his cave so the plants are safe.
I love rocks so I like that look. Frequently when I plant I lay rocks on the roots to give them a chance to take root.
I have plain pea gravel for substrate, don't use liquid fertilizer or CO2 but am hooked big time on the root tabs off-ice over at makes. all the plants in my tanks are easy to grow plants and I like the jungle look(the more the better) so I probably don't trI'm as often as I probably should.
I just plant it how I like it, within the ranges of the lighting I have and what ever my fish will tolerate.
Not sure what questions you have, but will try to answer any you have. ;D


I'm not really sure what I want to ask, either. But I can learn as I go, for sure. Thanks for replying, I'll use these tidbits.They'll go a looooooooong way for a beginner like me.


. . . I don't know what to say . . . I'm stunned!


Good stunned I hope ;D Thank You by the way


Don't worry! It's a good stunned!!!


Oh, and by the way, tomorrow I'm getting 2 Fiddler Crabs in a 5 Gallon Tank! I'll post some pics, and I'm telling all this because there hasn't been many new pics for a while, so I'll put an end to that! Make sure you take a look at that. (Even though my sister's new digital camera sucks) :-\


Butterfly awsome fish and tanks I thought I was in sea world. Those clown loaches and those catfish in the photo next to them were real cool.


Thanks JI'm

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