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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Saintjohns, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. SaintjohnsNew MemberMember

    I have recently cycled and stocked my tank. It is a 75g community tank with live plants. I have 2 whisper 60 filters along with an air pump and river rock over plant substrate
    so far i have
    6 Gouramis (3 blue 3 gold),
    6 Julii corys,
    5 blood fin tetras, 4 cardinal tetras,
    random mollies( unsure of qty 8 or so and specific types), I think one is harelquin, 2 black, 1 marble, and possibly 4 platinum mollies. ( they are either platinum mollies or something similar.

    There are also a few other fish i cannot name but i will try to get pictures of.

    How much more room do i have for more fish? I would really like to get more Julii corys, and tetras. should i stick to cardinal and bloodfin and make those schools bigger or will other kinds of tetras school together.

    How many Juliis and tetras could i add to this set up ans still be ok.

    do i have room for anymore larger fish? If so any recommendations are welecomed

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  2. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    I think you'd be fine adding more cories and tetras, though I would increase the numbers of your current schools instead of adding another species. Ideally, 6-10 tetras of each species.

    I'm not sure about adding another big one. Maybe someone else can help with that? Mollies have a pretty big bioload, but since you have them in such a large tank, there may be room for a centerpiece fish.
  3. alinkWell Known MemberMember

    Before I can say how much, if any, room you have, we need to know what the other fish are. As for your current stock, the Gourami could eat your Cardinal Tetras eventually. Gold and Blue Gourami could have problems with each other, have a catastrophe plan to deal with this, should it arise. Mollies are livebearers, which means they dont lay eggs so if they get pregnant (which they will do if you have even 1 female), they will give birth to live fry, and they will do it often. They can over populate the tank just from that. I would get rid of any females you have, or start a Molly only tank.

    With your current stock that you have said, I would not add more Cardinal tetra. You can add more Bloodfin, maybe 5 more. You can bring the cories up to 10. I would also get rid of one color gourami to avoid the potential for fights.

    Like I said before though, we need to know what other fish you have because that could easily change what we are recommending you can add.
  4. SaintjohnsNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the help, my tank was finishing its cycle and a friend needed a place to house his fish so he put them in my tank, leaving me in the predicament of figuring out what kind all of the fish are and what is compatible.

    I have been watching the gouramis, i have figured out that the 2 of the unknown fish are balloon mollies, there are still 2 different types of orange fish i am unsure of. I have not been able to get pictures of them they are always hanging out in the plants.

    I may have to figure out a plan for some fry, 2 of the silver mollies look pregnant

    I have a 2nd tank that I plan to set up eventually and can separate the gouramis if need be but i planned to put some angels in that.

    I may just up my corys up to 10 at this point, i do enjoy watching those active little guys and hold tight and keep an eye on how everyone else gets along.

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