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72 Gallon Bowfront

  1. Miyyaro Valued Member Member

    I've recently asked this question and had lots of feed back on my stocking. I've added a bit more, so I'm back! My tank is technically "done" but I'm curious if I have room for a bit more.

    Here's what I have currently:

    1x Angelfish
    1x Pearl Gourami
    3x Indian Glassfish
    4x Bristlenose Pleco
    15x Odessa Barbs
    7x Sterbai Cory
    6x African Dwarf Frogs
    1x Giant Applesnail
    *I have an oddball stock*

    2x Aquaclear 70's, temp 75 ºF with 2 water changes a week (plus vacuum)

    I've had a fair amount of advice on my current stock I am aware that the temp may not be the best for everyone, it's been suggested to switch to Cherry barbs instead...but I'm really happy with these guys. Glassfish need more friends. Also, I am aware that as the Angel and Gourami mature, they may not get along as well. Feel free to offer advice, but I am fairly satisfied.

    So my actual question is, do you think I could add more Pearl Gouramis?
  2. Demeter Fishlore VIP Member

    The wood looks lovely and that angel is gorgeous. I won't go into the stocking, I'm here to recommend adding live plants. Your lighting system looks like an LED beams work, I've a feeling you'd be able to get some good growth with plants like crypts, anubias, and amazon swords. The fake plants just look odd with the real driftwood.

  3. Miyyaro Valued Member Member

    Thank you for your input and I absolutely agree. I was *just* talking about switching over to live plants because I agree, they look misplaced. I do have an apple snail though....and they love plants.
  4. Greg F Well Known Member Member

    I think you would really be pushing it to add anything else. I think you may have problems long term keeping the frogs alive and that is a TON of Pleco , and Pleco poop , for that tank.

  5. Miyyaro Valued Member Member

    Why would I have problems keeping the frogs alive? They all eat very well, swim to the surface no problem and are very social little guys. The only issue I can see is my Angel bother them, if thats the case I do have a back up plan for it. Also, I am very aware of all my plecos. I adore these guys so I'm dealing with their poop. That why I've added an extra water change and I remove and vacuum under all my ornaments. In time I may rehome a couple, for at the moment they are okay.
  6. Greg F Well Known Member Member

    The Angel or quite possibly the odessa barbs ( two of my favorite fish by the way ) are likely to eat at least parts of them. They also don't compete for food very well.

  7. Miyyaro Valued Member Member

    Okay, that makes sense. So far the Angel is the only aggressor. I am considering rehoming him and buying 2 more Pearls. I haven't made a decision yet. The odessas leave them alone as far as I've seen. All the frogs some out and hang at the top to so I think it's okay....at least for now.
  8. Greg F Well Known Member Member

    Sure. Sometimes that don't usually work work just fine. Just be vigilant. Good luck. BTW , gold barbs look awesome and sometimes school with odessas. Great combo.
  9. Miyyaro Valued Member Member

    Yes! I recently discovered this! They are beautiful.
  10. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I agree, I wouldn't add anything else, especially with the current stocking issues. I wouldn't add more temperature incompatible fish like gold barbs though. The temp is already too low for some fish in your tank.
  11. Miyyaro Valued Member Member

    Thanks for your input. Who is my temp to low for?
  12. Miyyaro Valued Member Member

    Thank you TexasDomer. :)...I didn't mean to post twice, anyone know how to delete this?
  13. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    75 F is a little too low for the angelfish and gourami, but raising it will put it too high for your barbs. I'd swap out the barbs for another species, personally (but not gold barbs - they need cooler water too).
  14. Miyyaro Valued Member Member

    I was suggested rosy barbs a while ago with same advice. If I do make a switch probably them. The golden barbs are just a dream atm lol. I know they wont work for my tank right now :)
  15. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Rosy barbs need cooler water as well, so they would not be a good alternative. What about cherry barbs, if you want to stay with barbs?
  16. Miyyaro Valued Member Member

    Oh goodness, I meant cherry barbs!
  17. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Good choice, I think :) Then 76 - 77 F should be fine for all involved!

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