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    Right before my ex moved out she got into the hobby. She started with a little 10 gallon tank and an angel fish and an algae eater of some sort . She then purchased another angel fish and a Mollie , and realized with the decorations and fish the tank was to small so we picked up what they said was a 70 gallon tank . Now she doesn't have the room for it so I have been watching it and it is kinda boring , and I think I wanna get it running the way it should be . Right now it has 2 filters that hang on the back , and I use a desk lamp over it to keep it lit . Should I have it on a light cycle for the lamp . I know this lamp setup is not recommended but there is no live plants in there just plastic just allows me to see the fish . For lamps want is recommended ? There is no top to the tank also it's been running like this for about three months and is under a TV . Water gets heat there and the fish are plenty active . Is a water heater a must for now . Kind of need a priority list
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    Move the tank and get a water heater. The TV isn't a stable heat source. Heat fluctuations are not good for the fish. Water heaters maintain the temperature but they cannot stop the tank from over heating if your TV overheats. The lamp is probably OK but the humidity can't be good for the lamp. Just make sure the lamp can't fall in. Expect rust if there's any metal. Try to use light bulbs that don't emit much heat.
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    Yea it's a cfl bulb and it's a distance above the tank . Far enough where I would say the humidity from the tank shouldn't bother it
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    I would have to agree that you should get a regular heater for the tank and either move the tank or the tank. A top for the tank might not be a bad idea either. That will help maintain temperature, water evaporation will slow and it can keep any potential harmful objects or bug from getting into the tank

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