7 x 2.5 x 2.5 Aussie Peninsular Build


Just thought I would introduce myself again after not being on here for ages.
We stared with 6 x 2 x 2 about 2yrs ago and enjoyed it very much, but as most people do we found we just didnt have the size we wanted for the corals or fish !!!
But we also didnt have a wall big enough for what we wanted, so hubby then says, ök - lets remove a wall and create another room for a larger tank.
So the work began, the existing tank was backing onto the wall that needed removing, so the builders had to be very very careful if they enjoyed living. lol

photo 3 (3).JPG

The new tank was ordered and arrived about 9 weeks later.
We decided to go for a room divider Peninsular style because that would give us more coral room and a far better viewing area.
Sump 6 x 2.5 x 2 approx 440 liters

Fill sump froth.JPG.

New tank 7 x 2.5 x 2.5 starfire 3 sides approx 1143 liters.

Full tank long shot.JPG

We were went out and purchased very cheap second hand pump, power heads and heaters to be able to have both tank running simultaneously so it would be easy to move everything over and we wouldn't be in a rush to scape and move everything over.

We ran both tanks for 10 days switching 250 ltrs of wate between the 2 tanks every 2 days so by the end of 10 days both tanks would have exactly the same mix of old and new water and the fish could get used to it before the move.
We decided to run this tank on Natural Salt water only and not use premix salts.
So it was really important that the corals and fish could get used to it.

So day of move it actually took 16 hours just to scape.
You have no idea how hard it is to scape when you need two sides to look good, normally as long as front looks good the back doesn't matter. So it was a long tedious process.And it didnt help that I forgot to buy any putty or glue so hubby and to just stack like lego blocks.

After 4 hours sleep, it was the corals and fish's turn to move over. It all went really well, skimmer stayed with the fish, so that was moved over too.
Electrical and smaller details were taken care of over the next week to 10 days.

Here are some picks on day 3 after the move over, lots of things have been moved since then but this is to show the scape more than anything else.
so each shot is front and back of the same bommie.

End (2).JPG
facegook pics 005.JPG
facegook pics 007.JPG
facegook pics 012.JPG
facegook pics 010.JPG

This is a photo of it 7 months later
It has grown out considerably, is healthy and continues to use Natural salt water.


Our current stock list is

1 x lipstick tang
1 x White cheek tang
2 x Blue tangs
2 x yellow tangs
1 x lopezI tang
1 x purple tang
1 x magnificent foxface
1 x coral beauty
1 x flame angel
1 x cleaner wrasse
2 x wild caught osc clowns
1 abalone, pep shrimp, coral banded shrimp and 5 strom snails.

Parameters run and kept via auto dosing randy's is
salinity 1.026
Mag 1280
Alk 803
Cal 420
Nitrate 0.00
Phos 0.02

We change 250 ltr every 21 days. so about 20% of total water volume.

Here is a pic of the sump we run
Skimmer / live rock and mushrooms / chateau / live rock & 2kg matrix / return / 100ltr ATO storage

1 week today 005.JPG

We run 2 x 150 maxpect gyers for flow
3 x TLF reactors - carbon - rowa - rowa
Debary 15w UV
STC heater control with 2 x 300w heaters
ATI 8 x 80w programmable light fixture
Tunze ATO

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, would love any positive or negative feedback. Am looking forward to being able to contribute on this site and help were I can. Although only being 2yrs in myself I still look forward to learning from you !

I would love to include some pics of my fish and corals. hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

The gang 3.JPG
Clown & BTA.jpg


We store 2000ltrs of natural salt water at all times in 2 x 1000 ltr storage containers,

photo 1 (2).JPG

We plumbed a siphone water change system, we siphon our water out of the tank straight down the drain, then connect a pump to the IBC storage containers and pump straight back into the tank, it takes about 15mins to change 250lts.



Welcome back, your tank is stunning & definitely worth all your hard work
If I were to ever have a saltwater again that's how I'd like to do it.


Excellent!! Peninsula tanks are my favorites. My next reef, a big one, will be peninsula. Yours looks amazing.


Absolutely stunning

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