7 gallon Nursery Tank

  1. gourami88

    gourami88 Valued Member Member

    Just wanted to post some pics of my nursery tank (#1...of several). It is a 7+ gallon Critter Keeper. I've got an Azoo palm filter (modified so no fry get sucked up) that keeps it pretty clean. It has a white sand substrate along with a few plants (crypts, frill, sword,etc.). It has two 7watt fixtures to keep the plants happy.

    As of right now the current residence are:
    ~3 albino cory fry (5-weeks-old saturday; originally 8 but 5 were rehomed 3 days ago)
    ~Multiple guppy fry (3 different batches; 3-weeks-old, 1-week-old and 2-days old)

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  2. e_watson09

    e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    Looks nice :) I never would have thought to use a critter keeper for a tank. Do you worry it will crack since the plastic is thin?
  3. OP

    gourami88 Valued Member Member

    Nope. I've used them for a long time as aquariums and have never had one break. I've cracked them accidentally, but only when they have been empty and i've been moving them around. For the size of the tank and the amount of water they will hold the plastic really isn't that thin. The lids are made of thin plastic (which helps since I have to dremel out sections so the heater cords and filter will fit) but the actual tank itself isn't.

    On that note this is just over 7 gallons (the largest size of these I use-most are 5 or 2.5 gallons) and I wouldn't use anything larger as an aquarium for the points you brought up.

  4. RogueAgent94

    RogueAgent94 Fishlore VIP Member

    Very nice! I like your idea as using a critter keeper for a fry tank.
  5. Akari_32

    Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Don't you just love Kritter Keepers? =3
  6. OP

    gourami88 Valued Member Member

    I LOVE them! They are wonderful and multi-functional!
  7. SevenEro

    SevenEro Valued Member Member

    where did you find a 7gal kritter keeper?