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Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Stocking' started by ameliadanielle, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. ameliadanielleValued MemberMember

    I'm setting up and starting the cycle on a 65G 3' tank next week. It will be a FOWLR, starting out with 40 pounds of live sand, 30 pounds of dry rock, and 15-20 pounds of live rock. It's also predrilled and I have a 30G sump.

    The first inhabitants will be a pair of juvenile black ocellaris clownfish. They've been living in the QT tank for a couple of months, as I had to have them and had nowhere to put them. Past that, I'm at a loss. We had so much trouble stocking the 55G and getting everyone to get along...

    What are some relatively peaceful fish that can coexist with the clowns? It seems like all the fish I love are aggressive or need a much larger tank. Since we won't have any corals in this tank, would any of the dwarf angelfish be ok?

    Edit: We'd also like the tank to be safe for invertebrates. We've had countless hermits, snails, and two emerald crabs be gobbled up in the 55G. The only surviving invertebrate in that tank is a snail the size of a golf ball.
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  2. 1971roadrunner

    1971roadrunnerWell Known MemberMember

    Coralbeauty Dwarf Angel - done! There are other dwarf angels you may consider but these are very hardy and quite beautiful. In my profile you'll see that I keep 3 dwarf angels but this came with having gone through some trouble in order to have success and having a larger tank, I suggest keeping just one. I also like a Kole Tang (just one) for your tank which seem plentiful in LFS's now. I really want to tell you that a Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish is a must have and it is, but will make a very expensive dinner of smaller inverts so proceed with caution. IME puffers are out of the question (such as a Saddle Valentini) with inverts which is a shame 'cause IMO after having kept a few (and planning on owning more soon) are the funniest most fascinating fish a keeper could keep. I love puffers :).

    *I love triggers too but your tank is too small :(.
  3. slipknotgrrl83Valued MemberMember

    Chromis are a fun little fish you can keep in schools and they are very active, I would love some but I can not seem to find any in my area. Six line wrasse may work with shrimp but unsure of other inverts, mine did fine with my shrimp but it is always a hit or miss with this fish. I have a chalk bass in my QT right now who is a fun active little guy and pretty. IMO I would stay away from the Psuedos as I have had aggression issues with the two I bought. Both harassing my tank to the point I had to get rid of them. I am still new to the saltwater world so hopefully some others will chime in and my buddy 1971roadrunner will be a good help :;hi2
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  4. OP

    ameliadanielleValued MemberMember

    I really love the half black angel. Black and white with a hint of orange, just like the black ocellaris pair. Then I would need something that will really pop. My husband loves the predatory fish, but I do all the cleaning and spiney, venomous, or teeth filled fish make me nervous. It always seems like my fish just HAVE to taste test me.

    I have a purple psuedochromis, strawberry dottyback, in my 55G. He's a mean little turd. It took a lot of moving around and a lot of trial and error to end the fish deaths. He lives on the left side of the 55G, only coming out to eat or to make sure the clowns, the bristletooth, and the hawkfish are staying on their side. We named him Mr. Pink. We decided we would have to keep him, because anyone else would have flushed him by now. Lol.
  5. 1971roadrunner

    1971roadrunnerWell Known MemberMember

    Ha! I have a half black and really like him :). I have the CB and bi color as well and recommend any of these though the bicolor is the aggressor and biggest of the bunch. The CB is the easiest to keep. I tried to keep a Potters which is my favorite but he was getting picked on something terrible and had to bring him back :(. I'll try to get a pic of the half black later but heres one of my CB & BI-C

    bi color.jpg

    *the others wont upload :(.
  6. 1971roadrunner

    1971roadrunnerWell Known MemberMember


    *CB & BI-C
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  7. OP

    ameliadanielleValued MemberMember

    That bicolor is awesome! When we were thinking about putting a tank in our business we were going to get one because those are our store colors.

    I was looking on blue zoo aquatics, just looking at fish available to see if I saw anything I liked. They said the half black, the elibi, and the lemonpeel could coexist in a tank together if added at the same time. But no other information, like how big the tank would have to be. I haven't seen that repeated anywhere else. Every other site just says angels can't be in a tank together.

    I love the lemonpeel. It's the angel I really want. However, my luck with fish is I will end up with the meanest, most picky, difficult one out there. So I was hesitant to get one. I just saw that a lemonpeel could be kept with a half black and I was nearly sold. I couldn't back it up anywhere else though.

    My stocking list was about to be the clowns, a half black, and a lemonpeel. Lol. I don't think I want to risk it in a 3' tank. Maybe if I had a 4' 75G. I don't think the foot print on this 65G is big enough. So I think I've settled on the clowns and a half black so far. Unless anyone near by has a well behaved lemonpeel they are willing to part with.

    My LFS has a beautiful CB. I keep looking at it and I nearly bought it today to stick in the quarantine tank with the clowns until the sump return pump comes in on Monday. I restrained myself. I really want to have a plan and stick with it this time.
  8. OP

    ameliadanielleValued MemberMember

    Complete change up of plans. My husband wants a reef tank. So much for going budget with this one. We've picked out a 300W LED fixture, 40 more pounds of rock, and a powerhead. I also get to convert the wet/dry into a refugium. He very specifically wants a mandarin.


    So the stocking list is going in the opposite direction. No angelfish or semi aggressive fish. Now we're going with peaceful and reef safe. Since he wants a mandarin, I obviously don't want any fish that would compete with his food supply.

    I know ORA is captive breeding and they say they eat prepared foods... but I've heard it's still not a guarantee and it's just as hard to get them to eat prepared as it is wild caught. So, I'll also be buying various types of critters live and seeding the tank with them over the next few months. Hopefully by next spring we'll have a reef ready for a mandarin. Unless I find one guaranteed to eat frozen or pellets.

    The only small peaceful fish that is popping to mind is a firefish. What else is out there that isn't going to clash with a mandarin?

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