65 Stocking With Angels And Bows

  1. BranSW

    BranSW Valued Member Member

    I just got my hands on a 65 (36"x18"x25") and am contemplating stocking it. What I would love:

    2x veil angels;
    10-15 marbled hatchets, since apparently they're much less skittish in large numbers;
    cories of some sort, undecided as to which (and may skip as they're my least favorite on the list);
    apistos if there's space on the bottom/in the bioload;
    diamond tetras (also skippable if too slow to get out of the angels' ways);
    praecox rainbows;
    and Chilatherina alleni.

    I'm comfortable with heavy stocking -- it's going to be heavily planted, and heavy planting/stocking with regular maintenance is how I seem to like my tanks these days -- but I don't know what the bioload on rainbows or adult angels is, which makes me uneasy. Also, I'm not sure I can justify keeping the C. alleni unless I pull eggs whenever I see them spawn, but that means I need to keep space for raising juvie bows in one of my other tanks, which means I really need to have some idea of bioload for them.

  2. v

    varmint Well Known Member Member

    Here's what I would suggest based on personal experience. The 2 angels should be small (nickel size or smaller). 10 marbled hatchets, Cardinal tetras instead of diamond tetras and 6 to 8 Sterbai cories.
  3. OP

    BranSW Valued Member Member

    I was planning on getting 4-5 small angels, getting them last, and keeping whichever paired off, so that works, thanks for confirming! Why cardinals instead of diamond tetras? My understanding is that diamonds are bigger and rounder, and so less likely to get snacked on once the angels hit maturity. Also, any logic to Sterbai in particular, or would most corys that size work?

    I notice you didn't mention bows or apistos... are you thinking those won't work for some reason (bioload, personality, space...?)
  4. v

    varmint Well Known Member Member

    The stocking I suggested was just based on my personal experience with that grouping. The reason for suggesting Sterbai cories is they are temp compatible with the rest of the stock, and are pretty hardy.
  5. OP

    BranSW Valued Member Member

    Gotcha. I think I'll stick with the diamonds over the cardinals as being less likely to get snacked on overall, and put a note next to the corys that Sterbai are a good option. Thanks!

    Anyone have any ideas/input about the bows?