60g Dwarf Cichlid and Angelfish Stocking Ideas


Hi everyone,
Im planning on redoing the stocking of my 60g in a little bit. It’s currently a small fish community tank but I’d like to go bigger with the fish if possible.

I’d like to keep the 3 angelfish currently in there, open to getting more but they’re of medium-ish size now. There’s also a bristlenose pleco and 3 Siamese algae eaters (around 6 inches each). Would like to keep the pleco, not 100% set on the algae eaters so I was thinking of switching them out for some bottom dwelling dwarf cichlids such as kribensis or German blue or Bolivian rams.

I’ve had Bolivians and kribs before and as amazing as breeding the kribs was, I’d like to avoid having to get any extra tanks set up.
Open to all suggestions, thank you in advance.

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