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    Machine11 Well Known Member Member

    I'm thinking of guppies (starting 2 males 5 females) platties (1 male 3 females) 10-15 cardinal tetras and a red tail shark.
    I'm going to add a couple of terracotta pots into the substrate as caves and couple of large rock caves at the back as well as live plants.
    I'm wondering how nicely will the red tail shark play in that type of setup?
    Of course all fish have their seperate personalities, but by law of averages is the RTS going to make a meal out of the rest?
    Should the RTS be added first to stake out his territory? Or second last before the tetras?
    Any other ideas or numbers people suggest? This would be my first big tank so trying to keep low-end at this stage

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  2. tonycarder

    tonycarder Valued Member Member

    IMO, I wouldn't mix soft water fish such as tetras with livebearer fish such as guppies and platies. They both prefer different types of water. I would NOT put a red tail shark in with peaceful and active community fish such as the ones you stated, due to the fact that they are semi aggressive and could possibly kill the other tank mates. You could do guppies, platies, endlers, and swordtails. Or depending on your water chemistry you could do multiple tetras and corys. But please don't mix the species you stated above!
  3. Amanda

    Amanda Fishlore VIP Member

    IME, pet store grade fish adapt well to variances in pH without a problem. Most stores have central filtration & all fish are in one pH. I've had cories with livebearers before and they were fine. Never was a tetra person so I'm not the best to answer that. RTS do best with other bully fish.