60 Gallon Tank Flowerhorn

  1. yoboyjuice Member Member

    I currently have a 60 gallon tank with GBR's 4 Angel Fish, 2 Kribs, a red tailed shark, and some rummynose tetras. Its planted and everyone is doing great. However i'm moving out in a year so I want to transition to a simpler tank that is easy for my father to care for. I want to end up with a Flowerhorn with no tank mates or plants. In the mean time I had a temporary plan and wanted to get someone's opinion. I want to move the tetras and plants into my 10 gallon planted tank. In the end I want to move the rest of the fish into a 240 gallon tank My father is setting up. My question is Which of these tank mates could a juvenile Flowerhorn stay with until the 240 is set up. My thought was it would be fine with everything but the tetras which i would move to the 10 gallon. There is lots of cover, including a rock structure. I now long term i would have to take down the rock structure but is it safe with a juvenile Flowerhorn?
    Also any tips on buying a Flowerhorn? What should I look for? I know there's lots of personal preference but does anyone have any tips on signs on a juvenile that suggest a healthy or colorful adult?
    If none of the fish work with a juvenile flowerhorn then I'll have to re home most of them, which is fine but in that case would it be better to buy an adult FH? One of my concerns is if I buy a juvenile when it grows up it will look bad. Its just more convenient to buy a small one.
    I don't really want to wait till the 240 is ready for a couple of reasons. Anyway what do you think? Any help is greatly appreciated and if you have any random tips or advice that's great too. Also any advice on websites or breeders to buy from. I live in California.
    P.S. My filtration is really good so that's not a problem
  2. Stanley C. Member Member

    Flower Horns are unpredictable. I have one that will eat out of my hand. Another that likes to bite. Its all up to the individual fish. If you value your fish, I would not keep them with what are known to be aggressive fish.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, and 60 gallon is a 3' tank. I would try to find a smaller fish. Which means buying an adult. My passive FH is about 9" and would be fine in a 55, but he is in a 75. The aggressive one is 14" maybe more, and also in a 75. I would not want that one in a 60.
  3. yoboyjuice Member Member

    Do you think a juvenile flowerhorn is fine with 4 angles
  4. Stanley C. Member Member

    It would depend on the fish. But in a 60 gallon, I would not have anything but a small flowerhorn.
  5. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Flowerhorns need a 75g minimum, with other fish I'd keep them in a 150g. You will run into major issues in the future if you go this route.
  6. yoboyjuice Member Member

    So ive started moving out some of the fish in the tank and I'm not going to put a flowerhorn with other fish. I've been doing lots of research and lots of ppl thought a 40 gallon was minimum, some say 60 and some say 80. Most of what I have read has said a 60 gallon is big enough for a flowerhorn. I know bigger varieties get up to 12 inches and smaller ones 10. Ive heard some of the smaller females have a max of 8 so I think if I find a breeder with around 8-10 parents it should work. What do u guys think?
  7. MikeRad89 Well Known Member Member

    60 gallons is fine for a single flowerhorn if it's the 4 foot tank.

    For growing out a smaller one I would keep it with the kribs and the ram. They're too boisterous for angels.
  8. yoboyjuice Member Member

    Alright so u think kribs and rams can stay with a flowerhorn? thats good to hear. what about my red-tailed shark?
  9. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    What are the dimensions of the tank? If it is 12 inches wide then it is too small for a flowerhorn.
  10. Stanley C. Member Member

    Most 60 gallons are 48 x 13 x 24. If you have a smaller adult, like 10" with the tail, that's fine for single FH.