60 Gallon Pirate Tank What To Add Next?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Bagel, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. BagelNew MemberMember

    Albino dwarf pleco
    5 Kuhli loaches
    5 glow tetra
    7 tiger barbs (2 albino and 5 green)
    6 neons
    3 female platy (peppermint, sunset and gold wag tail as best I can tell)
    3 black mollies

    That is my current stocking (after I deliver my three male mollies to my friend this weekend). I lost a dalmatian molly yesterday, my favorite. On my birthday..... Everyone else is happy and healthy.

    So, I want to add a couple more. I'm still trying to keep it slightly understocked. My question is, should I get more of what I already have or could i add say, a school of 6 danios? I feel like the danios would push me to fully stocked. I would like to get another dalmatian molly, maybe another glow tetra or a couple of neons. I've thrown around the idea of a centrepiece fish, though I have no idea what would work with my stocking.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
  2. ZslayerValued MemberMember

    You should checkout Aqadvisor to see about how stocked you are.
  3. BagelNew MemberMember

    I was looking at them but they didn't have an option for a 60 gallon long. Only a hex. Mostly I'm looking for opinions on which schools could use boosting or ideas for a centerpiece.
  4. BagelNew MemberMember

    So I dug out my laptop, got aqadvisor running properly, found out it was an either/or option for tank demensions, located my tape measurer, measured the tank and finally got everything entered in properly (after some trouble identifying the glow tetras original species).

    Apparently I'm 92% stocked. But I only need to do 23% water changes. I was under the impression that at 100% stocked a 33% weekly change was necessary. Is the difference because I have double filtration?

    They also figure that the 5 kuhli loaches are 11% of my stocking?!!? I thought the loaches had a tiny bioload! I've done so much research about them and it was all wrong?

    I got the warning about the barbs and neons which I've been on the lookout for but the barbs are mostly interested in each other.

    So I might not be getting any new fishies after all. ....

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