60 Gallon First Week Update

Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Builds' started by Ernest Sacco, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. Ernest SaccoWell Known MemberMember

    So the 60 gallon has been up for 9 days now...the sump is much quieter and I have a nice clump of cheato sitting in the refugium now finally...I've also added a small amount of tiger pods....the protein skimmer is now underfoaming as opposed to overfoaming so I am still trying to configure it properly
    Another issue I am trying to deal with is the fact that my return pump keeps draining the sump chamber....in order to prevent this i have to adjust my ball valve but it then makes the flow extremely low...I am probably just going to have to get another wave maker to compensate for this

    Getting away from the plumbing the livestock is doing fantastic...some ofy corals that I haven't seen fully opened in months are expanded and I've already noticed some growth...
    My toadstools look twice as big now and my hammer corals seem to also show great improvement from the 30 set up...the biggest improvements can be seen from my Duncan and cup coral with the Duncan finally fully expanding for the first time and my cup coral is actually recovering its polyps and starting to expand again...

    My blastos who were one of the only corals to take the transfer hard are slowly recovering and my colt leather has also shown signs of improvement

    Perhaps the best sign of the new tank is that my monti frags have colored back up and I am positive there is growth on my orange one
  2. Ernest SaccoWell Known MemberMember

    When I was at my lfs getting my water tested I was encouraged by the reading and decided to get a green monti and birdsnest frag as there were on sale...I also got a small trumpet coral colony as I've always loved this coral and with the success from my hammers I hope it will do well as opposed to my first attempt a year ago .

    So far it is doing well and expands its sweepers at night

    Because of my one failure in accidently killing my one barnacle blenny I also went to purchase another....when i got home i realised that I had instead gotten a tail spotted blenny...I was annoyed but I decided to keep it and so far it has come out a few times....the tank has just a few hermits from the old system in it as well as my tuxedo urchin....I also got a brittle star who has been doing an excellent job keeping the substrate clean and it is very interesting to watch him tumble over himself whenever he smells mysis in the tank
    Another exciting thing is that my lfs actually was able to get my marine beta I ordered relatively quickly within a week....
    They put him in a tank where he was being harassed by a banded butterfly so I asked them to move him to a quarantine tank...I went back to check on him a few days later and as of now his fins are healing and hes eating frozen food..... I hope to pick him up this Friday

    The only thing I am now waiting on is my bubble tip anemone....now initially i was excited for the prospect but as the time has passed and all my corals look so good I've begun to become hesitant...I know what anemones can do and I must ask is it worth it....what are the chances of it being put in and barrelling through....I think I've asked this before a while back but my tank is very much loaded with corals and I dont WAM to make a bad decision....I have a rock where I hope to put it if I get it being the one with the trumpet frag on it....if it were to stay there then it would be fine but what are the chances it will..

    My plan to keep the clowns in the 30 ended up being thrown away as they took the move very hard....with 90 percent of the rock gone they just ended up laying under the heater not even moving in the tank....i moved them over and as of now they are happily hovering in the left corner...

    I've noticed some brown algae growing on the glass and the rocks but I am hopeful this is just due to the trace phosphates from the new rock....with the chaeto and the 10 percent water change I am doing tonight I am hopeful it will clear up soon

    This post is getting long so I'll end it here....I have more information about my plans for the 30 gallon.....I'll just say that it is going to house seahorses
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