60 gallon community tank build ideas

Dillan Murphy

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5 years
show me your 60 gallon community tank builds i needs ideas


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Is your 60g around 48x12x24? Or is it more of a 36" wide tank?

Ha, @JettsPapa basically said above what I had in mind ! You can never go wrong with tetras and Rainbowfish!

@Dillan Murphy , here are some ideas for fish in a 60g.

I'm not recommending all of these fish at same time, but just options you can look at for your consideration to pick from........

Options for bottom dwellers:
2 Gold Dojo Loaches
2-4 Super Red Albino BN Plecos (with caves, maybe they will spawn)
2-4 Clown Plecos
6-10 Emerald Corydoras (or any Corydoras)
8-12 Khuli Loaches
1-3 Bolivian Ram

Options for mid - upper dwellers:
6-8 Rainbowfish (males have most color)
6-12 Red Serpae Tetras
6-10 Lamp Eye Tetras
6-10 Black Neon Tetras
6-10 Chery Barbs

Options for Centerpiece:
1 Electric Blue Acara
1 Angelfish

I have all of those fish, except the EBA, dojo loaches, and Super Red BN plecos. Those are fish I've done a lot of research on in the past and always wanted to keep, but have never gotten.

The clown plecos I mentioned only grow to about 3 1/2" long. We have 4 that have been in our community tank for 3 years and they are all 2 3/4" - 3 1/2".

The YouTube channel Prime Time Aquatics has a very good species specific video on Electric Blue Acara's that is worth checking out of you're interested in one of those.

The tetras and barbs I mentioned I've had for 3 years and have always been very hardy in my experience.

I highly recommend Rainbowfish, mine grew very fast and are great fish to keep. I have 2 Boesemani and 2 Australian. I would keep more but tank was already overstocked!

Some people report that the Red Serpae Tetra can be a fin-nipper, but my school of about 10 have always appeared to leave their tankmates alone.

What are your thoughts on scaping your 60g?

Later today I can post a pic of our 65g community tank.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend stocking it the way ours is set up. It has stocking from different tanks that all got consolidated into one, so probably too many fish in there for sure if I were to start from scratch.


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Well, there are a lot of different options. Region tanks (where you only take fish from that area only), community tank(as it name says community tank, but no rules), or species only tank.

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