60 Gallon 45 Gallon Tank Switcharoo

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    I recently got 2 45 gallon breeder tanks which are on a heavy duty shelf. I already know what I am going to stock for one of them. I was planning on doing medium sized cichlids but the tank is a bit too small for them. The thing is I have a 60 gallon planted tank. Could I put all of the fish and plants in the 45 gallon and then put a cichlid set up in the 60 gallon? My eventual stock for the 60 gallon is going to be 1 feather fin synodontis, 7 congo tetras, 2 blue gularis killifish, 2 golden wonder killifish, 1 krib, 1 blue gourami.
    Right now in the tank there is 1 synodontis, 1 blue gourami, 5 zebra danios, 2 platys, 1 siamese algae eater, 1 krib.
    Could my eventual 60 gallon stock work for a 45 gallon breeder?
    Could a jewel cichlid, a fire mouth cichlid, a blue acara and maybe a few other cichlids work for a 60 gallon. How would I go about switching them?
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    Giving this a bump up for you