6 Red Minor Tetras How Much To Feed Them


title says it I feel like I'm starving them I feed them 3 times a day but I think I'm not feeding them enough
I literally don't know how much is too much or too little


I feed mine once a day. They are about two years old, are a nice size, and very active. I vary their diet with flakes, granules and frozen brine shrimp.


To answer your question, 3 times a day sounds good, they are fast eaters they remind me of piranhas the way they all swarm and eat. Bloodworms are a good treat for them.

I have a question if anyone can answer...
I read somewhere that soaking fish food in a little bit of coconut oil and feeding it to them enhances color. Color enhancement is a plus, but I know how beneficial coconut oil is for humans, but is it really healthy for fish or safe?

I bought some Black Phantom Tetras today 4 males, 1 female. I want them to develop a deeper black color, how do I achieve this?

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