6.6 gal bookshelf tank: stocking questions/suggestions

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by SevenEro, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. SevenEroValued MemberMember

    it'll be my birthday soon, and i saw a box arrive from petco yesterday that's about the right size and shape to be a bookshelf aquarium! strict instructions not to touch it... even though it keeps staring at me. :;gift

    i think i'm gonna wait to open it until xmas, though, so that i can save up for and research exactly what i want. i was thinking:

    - celestial pearl danios (how many minimum?)
    - dario dario (2? do i have to be able to sex them at the lfs? would 2 of the same sex get along?)
    - a ramshorn snail (in one tank of mine, they're doing great [ph: ~7.4]. in another tank, their shells look thin and they have really died off [pH: ~8.0]. other parameters are normal/healthy.)

    would that work? any suggestions for plants and the best place to get them? i keep reading about plants, but i get so overwhelmed that at the end of the day i'm lost. i have bad luck with plants, so which easy plants would look good in a bookshelf aquarium?

    thanks for your input!!
  2. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    1. 6 - they are schoolers. Some people say they should have a 10g tank, though.
    2. I think they're sexually dimorphic but I don't know. And no, you'll need just one or a m/f pair.
    3. Check GH/KH in your tanks.
    4. Anubias nana, Java fern, Java moss, Cryptocoryne wendtii. Java Fern, Crypt. wendtii and Anubias nana can be had at petco. Don't know about java moss.
  3. QQQUUUUAADDDWell Known MemberMember

    Your stock is SO similar to my 10. I have plan on having a pair of dario dario and I already have CPDs. I think your stock will work just fine. 2 feet of swimming space is more than enough.
  4. SevenEroValued MemberMember

    sweet! thanks for the input! can't wait to set it up. i was just going to use natural looking pebbles for substrate. that would be okay for plants, right?

    but kinda stuck between dario dario and sparkling gouramis now. would sparking gouramis like my 4 males endlers in their 5 gal?
  5. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    Sparkling gouramis may be easier to keep. I believe badis/dario species have specialized diets.
  6. SevenEroValued MemberMember

    that's what i've read. they're just so darn cute.

    are moss walls or moss trees difficult to start/grow/maintain? i've read that java moss grows like a weed and would easily take over a tank if not kept in check. is there a moss that will only grow out like an inch from a moss wall? again, this is going to be my first time trying plants, and i like the ideas of moss walls and moss trees. it might have to wait until i can definitely not kill plants but hoping that'll be sooner than later.
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  7. chevyguy8893Well Known MemberMember

    The moss wall I made is filled with java moss, but no trees. I would think that once the moss is tied off it would be pretty easy to maintain. My java moss grows pretty slowly actually even in optimal conditions for it, so it is really easy to maintain. I don't think there is any mosses that will only grow out an inch though. Most mosses tend to branch off and make them longer. Riccia is an exception to slow growth moss, that stuff grows insanely fast and I love it :).

    If I remember to, I should be taking a picture of the moss wall before I trim it for the first time tomorrow after growing for three months.

    Good luck with the new tank!
  8. SevenEroValued MemberMember

    thanks! super excited and can't wait to try all these ideas!!
  9. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

  10. SevenEroValued MemberMember

    thanks! super excited and can't wait to try all these ideas!!

    i bought A plant! and planted it! :) it's crypt lutea. i put it in the 6.6gal bookshelf aquarium, which now has 2 sparkling gouramis.

    here are some beginner plants that i picked out from plantedaquariumcentral.com. i plan to spread these out over 3 tanks: 6.6gal (2 sparkling gouramis), 5.5gal (4 endlers, 2 ghost shrimp), and 10gal (6 pygmy cories). are they a good start? the total for these is $70, ouch!! is there a better place to get them?? none of my LFS have nice looking plants. i bought the ONE that looked really healthy when i was out fish shopping yesterday for my bday. :)

    1 - Cryptocoryne spiralis
    3 - Cryptocoryne undulata
    3 - JAVA MOSS
    4 - Bacopa Carolina
    1 - set of 3 MOSS BALLS, Marimo Ball

    oh, for the lutea i planted (or for any of these plants), do i need to use those root tabs i've seen around?
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  11. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    I usually get my plants from Petco.

    I hear Aqmagic.com is a good place to get plants. Don't know if they're still doing the free shipping promo or not but that would be cool.

    I use a combo of liquid Leaf Zone and liquid Flourish Comprehensive for my plants, which includes cryptocoryne. :)
  12. MsheresyValued MemberMember

    Do not get scarlet badis (dario dario)unless you are prepared to feed live food.
  13. Vongchanh25Valued MemberMember

    The way the plant looks doesn't matter if the roots are good it will come back
  14. pirahnah3Fishlore VIPMember

    I usually end up getting the majority of my plants now from members here. Your also right Vongchanh25, if the roots are good the plant will manage with a little help.

    As for stocking the tank, I would go with as many CPDs as look good but no less than 5 and that is a bare minimum. With the two sparkling gouramis in there now it will take a little work to see how they all fit into the tank.
  15. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    Crypts have a tendency to melt after being moved, but it will come back, so don't panic.
  16. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    The only thing that should be kept in anything less than a 10gal is a betta, and some would argue not even that.
  17. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    Snails and small shrimps like Red Cherry Shrimp may do OK, but beyond that...
    I personally believe that bettas will do OK in 5g, but will not thrive and be...cheerful, there's really no other word for it...the way they do in at least 10g.