5gal - 2 bumblebee goby's

  1. Dane

    Dane New Member Member

    Hey all,

    Haven't posted here in ages! But my 17gal is still very well established and all its inhabitants are thriving with no intervention except for a tri weekly water change and gravel vac.

    So i popped down to the local fish store to have a look for a tank as a present for my girlfriend for xmas - she's obsessed with my tank and is desperate to start one - and they had a range of new pumps from china (called sensen or sunsun). They had a little HOB powerfilter for really cheap, and seeing as a friend had given me a 5gal empty tank with a heater I thought why not! It was going to be a quarantine tank, but now I want to put something in it! :p

    So I have asked this question before - a long time ago. But I wanted to know if its possible for 2 bumblee goby's to get along in this? I've got some really great stuff to put in there, obviously i dont want to crowd it, but I wanted to know if I make it an interesting enough environment with enough nooks and crannies (i know bb gobies can get a bit territorial) - do you guys think it could work?

    I did some marine sampling work, involved sorting through 120m deep marine cores and the gravel i got from that is awesome! Shiny smooth tiny little oval blue/gray pellets, so really looking forward to getting this tank going!

    Thanks in advance, sorry for the long post!
  2. steed1172

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    well, they would fit, but in a small tank, it can get polluted pretty fast, and small tanks need more care and upkeep than a large one. good luck with it!

    oh and i believe its sunsun i ordered a filter online of that brand, cheap and hoping its good.