58 gallon/220L

  1. Nathan9

    Nathan9 New Member Member

    This is my recently purchased tank. [​IMG]
    It is currently home to 3 rams, 2 Bristlenose, 2 peppered Corydoras and 14 neon tetra. I plan on adding a Kribensis pair, swapping the Corydorad for Panda or another form of cory, and adding 2 rams. Im open for suggestions!

  2. el337

    el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Your tank looks very nice!

    What kind of rams do you have? Were you planning on adding 2 more of the same species? Seems like it might be too much on the bottom, especially if you're going to add a Krib pair. I'd watch for aggression. Corys would do best if you add at least 6 of their own species.

    What temp do you keep your tank? Neons, peppered and panda corys prefer cooler temps than the kribs and GBR's (if those are what you have or plan to add).