56 Gallon Column Tank: am I overstocked,understocked or fine? Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by sambofish, Dec 13, 2012.

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    I have a 56 Gallon Column tank cycled dirtied and heavily planted tank (I think this since I have over 13 plants in the tank of various sizes) and running on a Fluval 406. I recently was able to make a fish exchange for credit and have the following fish in my tank. 4 Angel Fish, 2 Blue Gourami, 1 Pearl Gourami, 3 Gold Spots Dwarf Pleco's(I can't be 100% sure on this) and 1 dwarf upside catfish. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Jaysee

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    Well, the pearl gourami is probably going to get bullied by the 3 spots, and maybe the angels too. Also, they are a group oriented fish, so I don't think it fits in there well. Hopefully you will get lucky with the blue gouramis getting along, and the gouramis and angels getting along. It really could go either way.

    I am unaware of any dwarf upside down catfish, but upside down cats are schooling fish, so you should try to get more.

    You are not overstocked. Assuming you have adequate filtration, you can certainly add some more fish.

    I just noticed that its a column tank. I really wouldn't keep the gouramis with the angels. There's not as much usable space as there would be if the tank were long.
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    I've never kept Angelfish, but from what I understand if two of those Angels pair off, they may kill the other Angels. So I believe you would need to rehome the remaining Angels. I'm not sure how the "pair" would be toward the Gourami's and catfish.
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    Jaysee- I think they are gold spots (I will take a picture a post, right now they are 1 inch long with small white/gold spots...so far the only fish bother them is the catfish. Although after awhile he left them alone too. He has laid claim to the fake driftwood and the pleco's to the real driftwood. Funny thing in one night my tank already looked cleaner..HAHA. I will be adding more tall plants soon..once I replace the light for an LED ( I want to add some tall red plants) and I will be adding a sponge filter just to be safe. Right now I have a Fluval 406 canister. I've tried to find more upside down's but I've been out of luck with that. Plus Hurrican sandy did no favors to the LFS in NYC.

    Jdhef- I was told the same thing that they might pair up and keep to their side of the tank or fight. I will pay attention to that..if they start to fight each other I will separate them. No one's messes with theo the catfish (my wife named him) he is a bully and everyone leaves him alone.