55gallon Old Tank New To Me... Again

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by nyless, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. nyless

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    so this tank has a long history with me.

    i believe i originally acquired this tank in the summer of 2000 from a family friend. i had the tank setup as an african cichlid tank back then.

    fast forward a few years, im guessing around 2003/2004 and i ended up having about 9 tanks total if i recall correctly and shortly around that time started having some kids and then went through an ugly divorce.

    all the tanks ended up getting broken down during the divorce and were never set back up. she offered for me to come get them but at the time i had no where to store or set them up so i told her to do with them as she saw fit. i believe she sold most of them.

    she did however keep this particular 55 gallon tank with wrought iron stand.

    she was kind enough to give me this tank back this last fathers day. 15 years later ;-)

    when i got the tank back it was trashed. covered with scale and the seals were 1 step away from a major mishap.

    over the last 2 weekends i was able to scrape, clean, paint, and re-seal the tank. finally got it set up this weekend after dropping near $300.00 at the LFS.
    • aqueon optibright+ LED light
    • pool filter sand (1.5 20# bags)
    • new glass tops 24" (x2)
    • sponge filters (x2)
    • airpump
    • 150w heater
    • thermomoter
    • driftwood
    • airline tubing & check valves
    • intake sponge filter
    • new HOB filter media
    • yada yada yada (its amazing how fast all this stuff adds up...)

    it looks great now and couldnt be happier to have my old tank back again...

    intending on moving some of the babes (swordtails) from the 29 gallon to this tank here in the near future. also had to wait on purchasing my live plants, wife was getting a funny look after the total of my previous purchases... i used some plastic plants i had laying around for the time being. ill be removing those and planting as finances and wife allow...

    ill post some pics with fish in the next day or two or when i can....here are a few pictures for the time being.







  2. ValerieAdams

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    It looks good! Do you have a stocking plan in mind?
  3. OP

    nylessValued MemberMember

    well i have another tank i am breeding some swordtails in that i intend to move some of the offspring there and then i think i will add a few coreys and a bn pleco or 2 after i get some diatoms going... that could all change on a whim however ;-)
  4. OP

    nylessValued MemberMember

    Current update 20180812_193916.jpg
  5. OP

    nylessValued MemberMember

    A few more pics as of today. Far from done... 20180812_200850.jpg20180812_200829.jpg
  6. Jeffsglo

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    Looks really good!
  7. OP

    nylessValued MemberMember

    thanks Jeff. its still a work in progress and im not happy with it but i do feel its starting to come along.

    THRESHERWell Known MemberMember

    Wow, it looks great! At least your ex didn't dump it and was kind enough to save it for you to retrieve it. She new it meant something to you.

  9. Dawn Michele

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    Looks great!!!