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    Hello, I just realized that i havent introduced myself yet and have made a few topic posts. I am 16 and I live in Yukon, Canada. I have recently traveled to Australia with my family to visit my sister who stayed there for a year. And i must agree with all the australians out there that "Australia Rules!" I have 6 fish tanks as of now and I for one know that i have MTS. I started with one for my birthday(a 10 Gallon) and then another 10 gallon for Christmas. I then bought another one from a LPS that was changing owners so they were getting rid of all their stock(15G). I have yet to find a proper lid for it but a peice of cut plexy glass has done well for me so far until i can find a lid for it. Along with the 15 Gallon i rescued 6 African siklets( one of which died when i accidentally left the filter tip off of the filter and it got sucked up during the night so i wasnt around to save it. That is when i decided that i needed some professional advice. Hence me joining this forum :D.

    I just realized that i have forgotten how the hobby originally started with my mom buying me a 1G betta tank from a garage sale when i was 12. Soon afterwards the 2 10 gallon ones came.

    Anyways back to where i was. Soon after that cichlid died i posted a few topics on here and got a great reply from the members of Fishlore( thanks again). My hobby has now grown even further because i just recently bought a 55G tank and stand from Walmart for only 300$ which i thought was a very good price. It is 4 feet long 18" high and about 20" wide. Im not sure if this is actually a 55G tank because it seems bigger but thats just me.

    Now onto my magnificent creation( hopefully). I have started cycling the tank and its been about 2 days now. I have boughten gravel and a background for the tank. I heard Cichlids dont like alot of gravel? can ne one clarify that? I have taken pictures of it and i beleive that if the image in my head gets transfered even half into the actually real tank then i will be spending most of time in my livingroom. Even with the background and the natural coloured gravel i think it looks like it is going to turn out nice. Im going to try and stay away from live plants in it but i have boughten a peice of nice drift wood in my opinion? Ne thoughts? I have posted a picture below. I would still like to find a nice stump for one side like Carols but i think that i will have to keep dreaming to ever have a tank that nice :D. Heres the pictures and i am looking forward to ur posts. I hope there will be plenty and that they will be detailed. I love reading up on others suggestions and what they have done with their tanks as well as writing about my own......as you can see. I am still learning and probably will be for a long time :D bear with me :D.

    Thanks for Reading,
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    Oh yeah heres the pictures of my 55GFish tank and my drift wood....

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    Heres 2 more....

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    Thanks for sharing! The tank looks great! I'm guessing the reason you read that cichlids don't like a lot of gravel, is because a lot of them have a tendency to dig. As far as a lid for your tank, you may want to look into getting a versa lid. That is my preference. I think they look much nicer than a hood.
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    Yes Cichlids love gravel(they love to dig in it, move it, throw it etc) and they have alot of personality also.
    Your tanks look great and yes you have a serious case of MTS. You came to the right place.
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    what is your ph in that tank.be careful with that driftwood it lowers your ph.just gonna let ya know ;).
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    Thanks dano for the drift wood advice. I have yet to perchase a ph and nitrate, nitrite tester but i plan on doing that before adding fish to the tank. How long does a 55G tank usually take to cycle or does it all depend on the water conditions it started with? ANyways thanks for the compliments and i will be back on here posted my ph and nitrate, nitrite readings as soon as possible. And of course be posting pictures of my tank when i have it all settle in with the fish and decor.

    Thanks again,
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    it depends on a number of things.my last 55 took less than a week to cycle,but i put a biowheel off another tank and some rock structures so that made it quicker.
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    Great Looking Pics! :D
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    Cichlids love to dig certain kinds...like my zebras I had. The only problem with that is...sometimes you come out in the morning to a pile of gravel/sand and can see too well in the tank. lol