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Hey guys!
I just got a new 55g tank I’m about to start cycling and once it’s done I’m not sure what exactly to stock it with! I have my eyes on some electric blue acara cichlids, boesmani rainbowfish, Turquoise rainbowfish, and I have 6 platys in another tank I was really hoping to move over into this one as well. Would these fish work well together and if so how many of each? I know rainbowfish are typically schooling fish but it’s only a 55g so I don’t want it to be too cramped! The filtration is pretty good. I’m running two filters: at one end is the Top Fin silenstrem 75 power filter and on the other end is a Top Fin silenstream 10 power filter. I really like the dwarf Gouramis as well so maybe those are an option? My PH is really alkaline, usually around a 8.2 so most of these fish will be okay in it. I’m willing to buy PH down if need be. No live plants (will attempt someday I’m still just learning about aquarium basics before I take on anything else more) and the substrate is CaribSea Super Natural Gemstone Creek Aquarium Gravel, which is a very small rounded gravel. Any stocking suggestions will be appreciated :) I don’t want to overstock the tank, bring out much aggression, or cause any unnecessary stress to the fish.
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I think your choices are good. Bosemani and turquoise rainbows will school together so 3 of each would be fine. The acaras will stay on the bottom of the tank. May need a cave. Only other fish you may want is a bushy nose pleco and some Cory cats.


I have electric blue acara in my 55 gallon, they definitely do not stay at the bottom, The stay more at the top, but at times they can be anywhere in the tank.

Cories of many species prefer a lower more neutral ph. I know that tank raised fish are more adaptable, but I have a ph of 7.6 and It Might "might not IDK" be the reason that cories always died in my tank. Loaches, however, prefer a higher ph. And some of my loaches "yoyo, and zebra" are getting close to 12 years old, I have polka dot loches that are at least 6 years old.

Rainbow fish are a good choice with acara, as they are larger and peaceful, not territorial. Please choose one species and get 6 of them. Turquoise rainbows are much smaller then boesmoni and thou they will coexist, the to species will never create one school. You have room for 6 boesmoni, or 8 turquoise. both are spectacular once you get them home, settled, fed with quality food.

I tried to put black neon fish into my tank last month, they were a decent size, but the acaras seem to have eaten them by the next day, so I would not try to add platties with accaras.

Fish that are doing well with the acara in my tank, the 55 not the 90 gallon, scissor tail rasbora, american flag killifish. a bristlnose and a rubbernose pleco. yoyo, zebra, and polka dot loaches.


the choices u have made are good i would consider adding a pair of bristle nose catfish
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