55G stocking with S. Eupterus


So I have this 55G tank that I cycled to upgrade my synodontis eupterus (that i mistakenly bought as a cory cat and found out later it was infact an eupterus and needed a bigger tank). Now that I put him in there, I need help on figuring out what to put in with him. He is still relatively small, about 3". I would love to get an Oscar but I know that the Oscar will never fit in the 55G comfortably with the eupterus. I really like the big fish like oscars as I already have a 10G with small fish in it and I would love to have some bigger ones in the 55G. At first I was thinking koi morph angelfish but I really also like the fish like jack dempseys and oscars I just dont know what would fit comfortably with my eupterus as there are so many sites saying different things about tank sizes for the bigger fish.


You could probably get away with most Cichlids or Gouramis? They tend to be a little larger though not the size of an oscar. I agree an Oscar and the catfish might not be very comfortable in a 55G. I'm a big fan of Gouramis so I tend to lean that way. You could also do rainbow fish I think. My LFS has turquoise rainbow fish that were incredible recently. Could give those a shot though of course make sure to look them up to make sure they are gonna be 100% compatible. I think they should be but always safe to check
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