55g Stocking Suggestions

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Kimber12, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Kimber12 New Member Member

    I’ve just finished setting up my 55G and am excited to finally get some schools happening that I tried (and failed) to achieve in my 10G - we all make mistakes!

    I currently have:
    2 x 5cm Bristlenose Pleco
    1 x 5cm Clown Loach
    1 x Cardinal Tetra
    2 x Phantom Tetra
    (The Tetras are the remains of small schools)

    This is my tank:

    The water is a little cloudy here, but has since cleared up. I just don’t have a recent photo.

    It’s a hexagon/corner shape. I will *hopefully* plant it in the future, but will try planting my Betta tank first to see how that goes.

    Suggestions for stocking?
    I would like bright and colourful fish, preferably a larger center piece type of fish. But also love watching large schools of neons.


  2. Fishdad85 Valued Member Member

    You could put in a South American cichlid just stay away from Oscars and red terrors they dont plsy well with others as your centerpiece. Gouramis are a nice mid size fish that can be very colorful, red tail sharks with thier coal black bodies and bright red tails are fun to watch. Barbs, tetras also can be interesting community fish. Just stick to the 1in of fish per gallon and base it off the adult size of what ever you put in the tank. I would suggest mystery snails for thier color and cleaning ability but your loach would make short work of them.
  3. Kimber12 New Member Member


    I’m worries that a Gourami would make a meal of any small fish schools I have - like neons - as previously I’ve had this issue.

    Would also rather avoid barbs for the same reason but will look into SA Cichlids.
  4. Bry Well Known Member Member

    Please do not stick to the inch per gallon rule. 9 times out of 10 it's *wrong*. Please do your research on what would be good fish.
    I have two Blood Parrot cichlids in my 55 and I have to say they are very rewarding fish to keep. Their mouths are small so they can't eat smaller schooling fish either. :) I have guppies in the same tank and none have gone missing. Other than some playful chasing, my two are very mellow.
  5. Fishdad85 Valued Member Member

    If you are worried about Gouramis eating your small schools then you may want to stay away from most South America cichlids as most will get around 8 in as adults and tend to need to be kept with fish bigger then thier mouths
  6. Robmtl Valued Member Member

    I’m actually setting up my own 55 gallon, I’m slowly adding stock. I have 10 rosy tetras they are amazing schooling fish, I will be adding at least 5 or so more.
    I would also suggest a school of Cory cats or Kuhli Loaches for the bottom.