55g Cories

  1. tetraboi

    tetraboi Valued Member Member

    my 55 gallon is understocked right now and I need more cories. Could one type of cory school with another? (such as like 3 sterbai and 3 panda)
  2. K

    Keith83 Valued Member Member

    I've read on here and from some Google searches that differend Cory varieties don't school well together. It's best to have at least 6 of the same type. I have a 55 and have 8 Venuzualan Corys.
  3. Lorekeeper

    Lorekeeper Well Known Member Member

    Cories of different varieties don't really shoal together, no. I'd do 6-10 of the same type.
  4. OP

    tetraboi Valued Member Member

    Thank you I will keep that in mind.