55 Planted Tank Almost Finished!

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    The stocking and most of the initial planting is done! I know I've been gone a while and this is what I've been working on!

    my stocking is:
    2 angelfish
    2 GBRs
    20 (give or take) silver tip tetras
    6 bronze corydoras
    2 BN plecos (2 stragglers from a spawn exist somewhere in the tank too)
    15 ghost shrimp
    (Murphy is still doing very well)

    plants include:
    water sprite
    water whesteria
    italian val
    green ocelot sword
    red flame sword
    dwarf narrow leaf chain sword
    anarcharis (water weed 5 leaf)

    filtering the tank i have a fluval c4 powerfilter and a hakri bacto-surge 75 sponge filter run off a fusion air pump. The heater is a finnex titanium 500 watt heater and the lights are mars aqua aquaponics grow lights. the substrate is caribsea ecocomplete clay soil.

    All and all the entire build cost me about 400 with plans to add a co2 system soon (still waiting for a parental go ahead on that one). this is the culmantaion of mounts of saving and slowly acquiring stuff to make this all possible and now its just time to let it grow and keep up with matinance. My next projects include a goldfish pond and either turning my 20 into a shelly tank or maybe some mouth brooding bettas.
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    nice! :)

    btw whos murphy?
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  3. OP
    BAS Aquariums

    BAS AquariumsValued MemberMember

    Shes my most prised angelfish. ton of personality and i got her for only 1:00$ as a baby less than an inch long
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    Beautiful tank and fish, I especially love silvertip tetras! I can't wait to see the finished tank!