55 Gallons Diy Tank Project


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Hello guys!

This is my very first post in this great forum. I am not new to aquariums but, quite a noob when it comes to building a tank from scratch...

I live in a "remote" location in Panama where you can't find many different thicknesses of glass.

Relying on what was readily available locally, I just finished building a 55 gallon tank 95cm x 45cm x 45cm in size (37"x 18" x 18") using 6mm laminated glass (3+3). For the bottom I found and used a 10mm laminated glass (5+5). The 10mm glass for the whole built was not available...

I filled it up to about 2/3 and I noticed the front and rear glass bowing about 5mm each (0.2").

I decided to secure it with a 10cm (4") wide brace on top and I will probably add 2 more braces on both ends. Tomorrow I will fill it up again and see what happens...

Am I totally screwing things up or if I notice no flexing in the glass I should be good to go?

I will probably let it sit full for a few days on my porch before even considering bringing it inside.

Any advise would be really appreciated!

Thanks a lot.


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Yor project is above my level of experience I'm going to take a stab at this.

1)6mm is technically thick enough fora 55 though most people will go up a size. Specially for rimless.
2)Laminated glass is more impact resistant than plate glass, but is far more likely to bow (a lot)
3)What did you make the brace out of,glass?
4)Are you building a rimless tank? If not what are you using for the trim?

You probably researched what your doing, I have not, but if it were me, I would rims using 1/2" x 1+" strips of wood . And def add a 4" center brace across the center top.

Almost all 55galon tanks need a brace, but using laminated glass make it twice as secure as it needs to be with wood.
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Thank you Wickette!

The idea is for it to be rimless but if, for extra precaution, I need to put a rI'm around the base I can do it.

The the 4” center brace is out of 6mm glass as well and it is just sitting on top. Haven’t attached the end ones yet but I might for extra safety.

I decided to go with the available laminated glass because I like the fact that it won’t shatter into a million pieces and it will probably warn me of any integrity issue.

In this pic, the “rim” is actually only black tape...


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