55 Gallon Question

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by babiimoore, May 29, 2018.

  1. babiimoore

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    hey guys! i’ve been thinking about who to put in my new 55 gallon in the near future. im going to go through a fish in cycle with tetra safe start plus, im moving my male dalmation molly, female creamsicle molly, male fancy guppy and female guppy into the 55 gallon from my 15 gallon, which is too stocked to cycle properly. im turning the 15 gallon into a two section divided betta tank. once my 55 gallon is cycled, id like to add some more fish of course! i also have 5 guppy fry in a heated 4 gallon that will join them in the 55 gallon once their big enough. i dont plan on.. “saving” any fry. i realize some might survive on their own and if they do then they deserve to be there. i wont be putting anymore fish into the tank until its cycled, including the fry. so, my question is, and it probably depends on the type of fish i get, but how many more will fit in the 55 gallon? i was thinking about maybe a betta sorority? if i dont get the females i would at least get a male for the tank. i love long fins! i would also love to get one or two pretty good sized fish, but theyd have to get along with the smaller guppies and such. any opinions?
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  2. Discus-Tang

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    Rummynose tetras, bristlenose pl*co, harlequin rasbora?

    For a bigger fish, what about 1 dwarf gourami?

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