55 Gallon

  1. RTBS Member Member

    *UPDATED 3/14*

    1 Red Tail Shark
    1 Angelfish
    5 Albino Cories
    5 Bronze Cories
    10 Female Platys
  2. bigblue55 Member Member

    You should up the Cory shoals to 7-8, or focus on 1 species and make that 10-11. The RTS might harass the Corys, since they both inhabit the lower levels of tanks, or bother the angel. IMO there should be 2 angels, but it's your decision. You could try a smaller schooling species too, like glowlight or phantom tetras, and I would get 10 or 11 of those.
  3. fishy friend2 Member Member

    Also, you should ideally get bronze corydoras instead of emerald cories as they get to be almost 4 and a half inches in length
  4. fishy friend2 Member Member

    Ideally I would aim for a stocking something along the lines of this intsead

    3 pearl gouramis
    12 albino cories
    10 male platies or male guppies
    20 pygmy, or marbled hatchet fish
  5. bigblue55 Member Member

    Instead is Platys you could also try swordtails. They can be really pretty and much more active than Platys. IME RTS can work with swordtails, then generally just stay away from each other. Rainbow Sharks are similar to rts's and i have found them to be a little more shy and less agressive. You could also try something like this:
    1 Rainbow Shark
    10 Male Swordtails or Platys
    1 BN Pleco
    3 Pearl Gouramis
    13-14 Phantom or Glowlight Tetras
  6. fishy friend2 Member Member

    another note about the above post, if you can find a true platy then aim to get it, lots of the platies sold in the trade today are swordtail and platy hybrids, platies usually stay a around 1.5-2 inches while swords get to 4 inches, swordtals are also a lot more agresive, and have a higher bio load
  7. bigblue55 Member Member

    Even so, swords would do better with semi aggressive fish like RTS's or Rainbow Sharks. Platys might also get picked on by Pearl Gouramis, whereas swordtails get to around the size of the gouramis and are less likely to be bullied. Swords also possess the same colors that platys have.
  8. fishy friend2 Member Member

    I myself would never place a sowrdtail with any type or gourami, I have seen the damage they can do and how much they will pick on the gourami
  9. bigblue55 Member Member

    I guess it depends on the fish. Gouramis I have seen are usually really nasty and harass all of the fish in the tank. Swordtails I have seen aren't too nippy, but they aren't unlike danios in that they can an will nip fish, it just depends.
  10. fishy friend2 Member Member

    Swords would be a bad choice becuase there is more of a chance of it attacking the gouramis or vice versa, than the platies. Gouramis will usually only attack indtimidating fish, and I would consider a swordtail more intimidating towards a gourami more so than a platy
  11. RTBS Member Member

    I have led lights that have day/night setting does the blue night setting make the glow fish stand out?
  12. fishy friend2 Member Member

    Yes, it would make them stand out
  13. RTBS Member Member

    Angelfish are hard to sex and aggressive when breeding so I will stick with one trust me its not shy at feeding time and my red tail is about one inch long so they will grow as tankmates... I'm thinking I will up the Platys to a school of 10 and then add some GLO fish.... I found out my cories are not emerald but aeneus cories...

    1 red tail shark
    1 angelfish
    5 albino cories
    5 aeneus cories
    10 platys

    How many glo fish should I get and what kind?
  14. fishy friend2 Member Member

    15 glofish should do well, but you are aware that these are genetically modified fish and by purchasing them you are supporting the movement of altering fish to someones standards, also C. aeneus cories are the same as albino cories they are both C. Aeneus
  15. RTBS Member Member

    Idk 5 are albino and 5 are slightly darker they are similar but not the same... The emerald cories are $8 and the aeneus cories are $3 so I'm positive they are different after visiting today...

    Regardless... I have a huge problem with tattoo fish but for some reason I don't feel the same about the glo fish...

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  16. fishy friend2 Member Member

    Yup, bronze cories (C. Aeneus), are the same as albino cories (C. Aeneus) albinos are just an albino version of bronze cories
  17. RTBS Member Member

    Well thanks... Now about the glofish... How do they glo?
  18. fishy friend2 Member Member

    Info gotten from http://www.glofish.com/faq.asp#TheScienceofGloFish
  19. RTBS Member Member

    Okay how many Glofish should I add? I like the green black skirt Tetra...

    Can I add any additional large fish? Maybe a single flying fox?