55 Gallon Year Long Update

  1. AustinChaseee

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    Hello all! After a little over a year since I've been on here asking for advice, I'm back! Through some trial and error, restocking and a lot of craziness I got my final scape, and my final stocking. Got a couple plants and some root tabs just to see what happens last week too. I mean why not???


    Magnum 350 Canister
    AquaClear 50
    Sponge Filter
    (Will be getting some T8 lighting in the next week)

    1 Male Jack Dempsey (~6 1/2 Inches)
    1 Female Jack Dempsey (~6 Inches)
    6 Giant Danios
    1 Java Fern
    1 Val

    I'm hoping these two will spawn for me soon. I do 5 gallon water changes bi-daily with cold water (heard the cool water simulates spring rains and helps induce spawing behavior). But we shall see! Hope you enjoyed and leave me some comments!

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  2. Bry

    Bry Valued Member Member

    Your tank is beautiful!
    Do the Dempseys ever pick at the Danios? My mom had them when I was a kid, a pair, and they killed anything we tried to put them with. Or were my mom's just mean? lol
  3. OP

    AustinChaseee New Member Member

    Thank you, I appreciate it! They take some little jabs, but its few and far between. They kind of just stick to the bottom and let the Danios do their thing, I'm assuming this will change once they have fry though.
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  5. Nikki2577

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    LOVE IT!!
  6. OP

    AustinChaseee New Member Member

    Thank you, its come a long way!
    Thanks so much!