55 gallon tank with sand Important

  1. k

    kspenclux Valued Member Member

    I had a Penguin 350 HOB biowheel that went out last night and will refuse to work even after scrubbing the entire thing clean. ive had it over two years.

    i need suggestions on filter that will work best for a 55g with sand substrate. doesnt have to be a HOB filter.

    Need help quickly!!! thank you!
  2. Fishy Friends

    Fishy Friends Well Known Member Member

    I might suggest Fluval 306 canister. I was in Petsmart Thursday evening & that model was on sale hear in Virginia - it is perfect for a 55gal - I have had 3 on different tanks.
  3. TankMaster25

    TankMaster25 Valued Member Member

    I 100% recommend Eheim canister filter it is absolutely the #1best and they cost very little. Do some research on it to see if it meets your needs but it is the best