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  1. Lady Monster

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    I gave away my cichlids and I upgraded my community tank from 29 gallon to 55.

    I have 5 Cory, 7 serpae tetras, 1 female guppy.

    The guppy is a rescue, pretty sure it was a feeder that didn't get eaten and the guy was trying to get rid of it by saying she was a baby bala shark lol. At the time she was so stressed she was completely grey but now she's got orange and yellow on her tail and is claiming to be part of the tretras, they've adopted her surprisingly.

    Tetras don't bother the Cory at all, guppy just hangs out with everybody, Cory are usually near the Driftwood or mating and plopping eggs all over the glass. I've got a variety of plants so I don't want diggers (partly why I gave my cichlids away, I couldn't build anything neat in the tank because they are expert landscapers lol)

    I was thinking of other tetras, black/white skirts. But I'm also looking for a center piece. Either a single or a pair of something.

    Oh, I'd like to add that I have a betta sorority, 4 girls. I considered adding them to the tank since they don't have long tails. And if that didn't work they can always go back to their old tank.
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  2. Pictusboss

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    a 55 hmm? well there is an infinite number of possibilities. my first though is pictus cats, but you already have bottom feeders. How about honey gouramis? they are great community fish and there fins are not long enough to attract the serpea. I would do 10. also, 3 male cockatoo cichlids would be very possible in your size tank, and a good number of females as well if you so desire. the bettas may be able to be added to your tank as well. So, something like this

    5x cories
    7x serpea tetras
    1x female guppy
    4x female bettas
    8x-10x honey gourami
    3x male cockatoo cichlids, 6x-10x females

    This would be your max stocking I would think.
  3. jaymethy

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    I like the look of multiple schools of fish. So you could def add 2 or 3 more schools of 6-10 different types of tetras/rasboras. And then a trio of dwarf or honey gouramis could make a nice center piece.

    I wouldn't try to the gourami's if you are planning on trying your betta sorority. Tbh, you could try that first and plan around that if it works out, and otherwise scrap it and start over.
  4. OP
    Lady Monster

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    Cockatoo cichlids are really cute, do they move sand around the way African cichlids do?

    I think they would add the color I'm looking for, because I also considered fancy guppies but the stores near me rarely carry females and I don't want all the males harassing the one I already have.

    I'll try my bettas before looking at gourami.