55 Gallon Stocking

  1. Braydens Bettas Member Member

    I've got 2 questions about my 55 gallon tall tank but first ill just mention what is already in the tank. Currently in this tank there is:
    3x Angel Fish
    10x Kuhli Loach
    2x 3.5Inch Bristlenose Pleco
    1x Yoyo Loach

    Question Number 1: Would I be able to get 2 More angelfish?


    Question Number 2: Would a Spiny Eel be compatible With angelfish and kuhlis?
  2. Cheesearmada Member Member

    What type of filter do you have?

  3. Cheesearmada Member Member

    Also, your yoyo loach will reach at least 10 inches in size. Yoyo loaches need to be in groups of 3 so you need two more yoyo loaches in order to even think about other fish. Yoyo loaches also like to nip at angelfishes fins.
  4. Braydens Bettas Member Member

    Ive seen 8 year old yoyo loaches that are only 6 inches and ive read 6 inches so I think he should be ok. The filter is quite large and does something like 100 gal per hour

  5. Cheesearmada Member Member

    Yoyo loaches can grow up to 10 inches just so you know. Also get two more because they need to be in a larger group.
  6. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    yoyo loaches will only get to 6" but they are schooling fish and do need to be kept in groups of 6+, but I wouldn't in your case, I would try rehoming him because in the bare minimum they need is a 48" long tank.
  7. Braydens Bettas Member Member

    ok thanks

  8. Braydens Bettas Member Member

    What do you think on adding 2 more angels?